Monkey Poo: Checking Up on the Good Doctor remake

According to reports yesterday, looks like we’re seeing some forward motion in regards to the American remake of Good Doctor.  As we all know CBS bought rights into the Korean drama which starred Joo Won, Moon Chae Won and Joo Sang Wook.  The drama was brought to them by Hawaii Five-O‘s Daniel Dae Kim who will serve as the EP.

Now, Writer/Producer Adele Lim will join the project as a writer and co-executive producer.  She was previously the co-showrunner on the failed teen, alien soap on CW (a network also part of the CBS family) called Star-Crossed.  Her previous credits include Private Practice, One Tree Hill and Reign.  Thought the promos for Star-Crossed were terrible but I did enjoy the earlier seasons of Private Practice and have enjoyed the first season of Reign.

The American remake, which has yet to be titled, will take place at a Boston teaching hospital centering on a brilliant doctor who has Aspergers.  I know I was very critical of Joo Won’s performance and the flow of the stories in the original version but I’m interesting in seeing how the American remake will fair.  I certainly think that the overall story is a better fit for an American serial rather than a Korean miniseries.  I’m thinking House but with Aspergers.


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