Just Bananas About: Week of 9/5/14

So the cat is finally out of the bag.  Last week on It’s Okay, It’s Love, we left off with Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il) and Lee Young Jin (Jin Kyung) about to tell Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) about Jang Jae Yul’s (Jo In Sung) schizophrenia.

And slowly, all the characters learn about Jae Yul’s condition.

I’m really glad that she doesn’t freak out or immediately bursts into tears.  That first scene in Episode 13 was written well with Ji Hae Soo calmly thinking about the facts, listening to the proof that they’ve gathered and thinks about her own encounters with Jae Yul.  Of course, she is sad and she does cry but I like the fact that we don’t see her become unnecessarily emotional.

Crush – 잠 못드는 밤 (Feat. 펀치) (Sleepless Night (Feat. Punch))

크러쉬(Crush) – 잠 못드는 밤 (Feat. 펀치)

The hard thing about watching Episode 13 is knowing that everyone is aware of Jae Yul’s condition except him.  They’re all keeping a careful eye on him and I love the moment he shares with Park Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo).

And can I just add how much I love Kwang Soo’s performance when they’re talking about Hae Soo and Jae Yul’s compared to the metaphor of the puzzle pieces.  You just don’t know what life is going to throw at you and sometimes you just need to keep putting those pieces back together again.

Juxtapose that with the logic that Hae Soo brings up with Jae Yul later.  Jae Yul mentions a phone conversation with the imaginary Han Kang Woo (Do Kyung Soo aka Exo’s D.O) and how he could tell something was off with the kid by the expression on his face.  It prompts Hae Soo to question how Jae Yul knew what his facial expression was if they were only talking on the phone?  Jae Yul doesn’t have an answer but he later takes a call with Kang Woo and we see the image of Jae Yul next to Kang Woo.  I love the shot because Jae Yul’s window shutters reminds me of the puzzle pieces.  He peeking through one fragment while Kang Woo is taking up most of the screen space on the right side.  Also, it’s important to note that Kang Woo doesn’t say anything in this scene.

The moment finally comes when they must take Jae Yul in for treatment.  However, while Hae Soo is in the bathroom, he receives a call from Kang Woo and races out to save him.

It’s the same day when Jae Yul’s brother, Jang Jae Bum (Yang Ik Joon), is released from prison.  He’s again seeking revenge but this time he sees the accident unfold before his eyes and later, Dong Min tells him about Jae Yul’s condition as well.

I don’t Jae Bum is all okay in the head as well.  He clearly has anger management issues and he’s got a lot of anger towards his family due to their betrayal.  His plan was to continue to cause Jae Yul physical harm as a way to threaten Jae Yul to finally reveal the truth.  But the fact that Jae Yul is ill changes everything making Jae Bum feel helpless.  It’s twisted but that’s how I see Jae Bum’s logic.

As for Ji Hae Soo’s family, they want her to break all ties with him immediately and her mother (Kim Mi Kyung) is incredibly harsh with her.  I can’t say that I agree with her mother because after all, her mother wanted Hae Soo and pushed her to have a relationship with him.  However, I do understand the fear that her mother feels.  Although he’s not mentally ill, Hae Soo’s mother has been caring her their father all these years after his accident.

Dong Min’s treatment for Jae Yul is a cocktail of pills, therapy sessions and electroconvulsive therapy which involve showing him CCTV footage where he previously believed Kang Woo was present.  Although Kang Woo makes an appearance during one of the therapy sessions, Dong Min points out the logic of Kang Woo being there in the hospital with him.  Jae Yul understands the logic, even though his eyes are deceiving him.  I can’t even begin to understand what that would feel like.  Would that cause me to question everything?

The most heartbreaking scene is when Hae Soo, despite warnings to stay away from Jae Yul during his treatment, visits him.  She’s one of the triggers for Kang Woo turning up and he’s far from being okay.  Jo In Sung is incredibly realistic in his performance here.  Ugh, my heart is still breaking.  He can’t really speak and his head probably feels fuzzy after all the medication he’s been taking but yet he tells Hae Soo, through tears, that he wishes he could still joke and make her laugh.  He knows that Kang Woo is not real and he’ll work on his treatment but he’d like to be treated away from the hospital.  He pleads with Hae Soo to help him get home.

tYoon Mirae – 너를 사랑해 (I’m in Love With You)

t윤미래 – 너를 사랑해

As painful as it is to hear him say all those things, Hae Soo doesn’t budge.  She realizes that he’s still seeing Kang Woo.  It’s weird that when Jae Yul is happy he sees Kang Woo.  Understanding that confirms it for Hae Soo as to why she can’t see him.  It’s just so painful.

And poor D.O, it’s his first major role in a drama and he’s not even a real boy.  However, I do think he’s doing a bang up job as Jae Yul’s imaginary friend.

I can’t believe that we’re at Episode 14 already and that next week is the last two episodes. The pacing of this drama has been so good that I didn’t even realize we’re almost at the end.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to miss this drama a lot when it’s over.


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