[Review] Trot Lovers – 트로트의 연인


Following the fallout of a scandal, a genius idol musician, Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo), is given the task of putting his career on hold to help a poor but talented trot singer, Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji). Unfortunately for Joon Hyun, he hates trot music but in order to repair his image his label he agrees to manage Choon Hee’s career. She only agrees to work with the arrogant star in order to support her family and payoff her father’s debt. Will the two be able to look past their dislike for each other in order to launch Choon Hee to national stage as the next trot star?

It always takes me longer to do reviews for dramas I don’t like. I procrastinate because I don’t want the entire review to be a tirade of grievances hoping that I’ll think of something positive to counterbalance all the negativity. Trot Lovers isn’t the worst drama I’ve ever seen but it’s not one that I can recommend.

I obviously wasn’t expecting a masterpiece of a drama but I had watched so many dark and melo dramas this past winter and spring, I was looking forward to something lighthearted and fluffy. Also as a person who attributes trot music to old people music because it’s something my parents listen to, I was hoping that this drama would bring me to the point where I would appreciate the genre more with refreshing covers of old classics.  I wasn’t expecting a Glee type of drama but for a show that has Trot in the title, it shockingly lacks a decent amount of trot music.

The earlier episodes had Choon Hee reprising Nam Jin’s “님과 함께 (With You, My Dear)” over and over again nor did the drama’s soundtrack feature that many trot songs. The one trot song that I did actually like on the soundtrack was “미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼 (The Image of You Letting Me Go With a Smile)” sung by Kim Na Young with Lee Eun Ha (who sings the original song). The song nicely mirrored the tough times our characters were facing and having to smile through it all.

Kim Na Young, Lee Eun Ha – 미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼 (The Image of You Letting Me Go With a Smile)

김나영, 이은하 – 미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼

Jung Eun Ji and Ji Hyun Woo’s performance was pretty decent in the drama. I think they even had decent chemistry. The problem with the drama was mainly with the writing because it really felt like amateur hour. Totally predictable and oh yeah, the main character gets amnesia. I could have lived with a predictable and boring plot. I could have even lived with the sins of the parents affecting the love lives of their kids. But the amnesia storyline sent me over the edge.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed watching Shin Sung Rok’s 4D character, Jo Geun Woo. Especially scenes with him and his father. It’s big change of pace from his role in You From Another Star. I just wish the drama used more of him in it as I loved the flaky, silliness of his character rather than focus on the soapy aspects of the plot.

However, I think I stuck it out week after week to watch Son Ho Joon and Shin Bo Ra as Sul Tae Song and Na Pil Nyeo. They start off hating each other and then awkward circumstances and misunderstandings, Pil Nyeo forms a crush on Tae Song. They were an incredible duo that often made the dreary plot bearable.

All I really wanted was an easy, uncomplicated, summer drama like those summer romance novels you read on the beach. The story doesn’t have to be completely logical as I’m mainly looking to be entertained. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.



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