Just Bananas About: Week of 9/19/14

After the end of the Peru trip on Youth Over Flowers, I spent like a week wondering what awful thing Na PD did next to the boys from Answer Me 1994 for their trip to Laos.  Well we got our answer last Friday and it’s pretty awful.  And what I mean by awful is AWESOME.

Roo’ra – 3!4!

룰라 – 3!4!

For this edition of Youth Over Flowers, the boys would got tricked into going to Laos with Na PD are Yoo Yun Suk, B1A4’s Baro and Son Ho Joon.  They were all cast together in Answer Me 1994 and got pretty close during the shooting of that show.  Two months before that July trip, Na PD calls their managers up on the phone to basically clear their schedule and lie that they’ve got an opportunity to shoot a CF.

Na PD has set up hidden cameras all over the green room and frankly, the boys seem like regular boys.  Then they head into the studio to shoot what they believe is a shoot promoting tvN.  Because they’re shooting against a blue screen, they don’t know that they’re actually shooting the opening title sequence for Youth Over Flowers: Laos.

Na PD and Writer Lee Woo Jung make their entrance in the green room and the boys are excited when they hear that Na PD wants to do a travel show with them.  I’m literally heartbroken as Baro excitedly tells Son Ho Joon and Writer Lee Woo Jung that he has a chance to do a solo CF with Binggeure, which is not only the name of Baro’s character in the drama but also a big Korean food brand.  Even the other B1A4 members were trying to figure out how they could be part of this fictional spot because the manager kept the secret so well.  Na PD pretends that he’s hearing it for the first time and sounds so excited for him.  I love that the caption reads: Hair-Raising Method Acting.

The big reveal.  He pulls out their passports and their e-tickets.  They are leaving right away to head to Laos.  It belatedly dawns on Baro that the Binggeure CF was all a lie.

Son Ho Joon just sits there with a blank stare on his face.  He’s like, ‘But, but I have a drama that I’m still shooting.’  Na PD tells him that he spoke to the writer of Trot Lovers to reduce his lines towards the end of the drama so that he could take a week off to do this trip. (Oh, the omnipotent power of Na PD.  No one is safe.) All he can think to do is get on the phone with his management company but they just respond with, ‘Just go.’  Ha.  Mind you, the boy has never been out of the country and thought he needed a passport to go to Jeju Island, Korea.

At the airport, they buy a few supplies and go about counting the Laos Kips which come to about 720,000 won or approximately US $720.  Son Ho Joon is so nervous that all he’s thinking about is smoking a cigarette.

B1A4 – 그대와 함께 (With You)

비원에이포(B1A4) – 그대와 함께

When they land in Laos, it’s about midnight and are lucky enough that the hostel they want to stay at has one room left.  Unlike the Peru boys, they don’t check the room out beforehand but I guess luck is on their side as it does have it’s own bathroom and shower.

Yoo Yun Suk takes charge and he’s like the mom of the group.  He and Son Ho Joon are the same age but he’s familiar with traveling to foreign places by himself.  Baro’s been to other countries but only for work so he’s never really seen the countries he’s been to.  He’s the youngest out of the group at age 23 and pretty much acts like the happy kid with a lot of energy.

Son Ho Joon is like the cranky, old dad.  The concept he has of traveling is from the movies so he’s expecting a large hotel, a swimming pool and room service.  In a lot of ways, he reminds me a Baek Il Sub halbae.  He’s only used to eating Korean food and it appears like he’s going to have a toughest time adjusting.

What was heartwarming (and motherly) is that Yoo Yeon Seok notices this and tries to find things that will attract Son Ho Joon’s limited palate.

Yoo Yun Suk is part of Lee Kyung Kyu’s (Healing Camp) management company and on talk show, Lee Kyung Kyu mentioned that Yoo Yun Suk is perfect, except he’s missing that last 1%.  However, seeing him take charge on this trip and be savvy is making me change my mind about him.  It does seem like he’s learned something from watching the previous Flower series and most especially Lee Seo Jin.  At a rest stop, he wants to buy an ice cream bar but they’re really expensive.  He eyes the staff buying a bunch of ice cream bars for the crew and when the opportunity strikes he steals one and shares it with Son Ho Joon and Baro.  Haha, I think these boys are going to be alright.  Maybe…  It’s that shot of them crouching down like homeless people on a rainy street wearing plastic rain ponchos that worries me.


A quick update from my post last week about Surplus Princess.  I feel like this week’s Episode 7 was awesome.  This episode showed that the drama could blend a does of ridiculous comedy formatted in a skit-like way but keep the story moving forward.  I just wish we got this plot development about 3 episodes ago.  Lee Hyun Myung (Ohn Joo Wan) returns to the Surplus House after grieving for his grandmother and finds Kim Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) crying.  He mistakenly assumes that she’s sick and dying and suddenly wants to do something nice for her.  So he takes her out to eat Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly).

Chef Kwon (Song Jae Rim) visits the house after numerous but failed attempts to reach Ha Ni by phone.  It’s clear that he likes her as well but he doesn’t know that she overheard that he was dating Yoon Jin Ah (Park Ji Soo).  However, he’s met by Hyun Myung who has heard that Chef Kwon broke Ha Ni’s heart.

Meanwhile the Surplus House residents are still look for a job and Do Ji Yong (Kim Min Kyo) has the solution. He’s heard of a great business man who might just be their ticket to finding a job.  After being able to find his picture on the internet, Big (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Ahn Hye Young (Kim Seul Gi) confirm that it’s actually their landlord Lee Sun Kyu (Lee Sun Kyu).

They realize he’s been acting shady recently, going out with a big suitcase and not returning home until very late so the three decide to follow him.  He meets up with other folks who respectfully bow to Sun Kyu.  The group thinks they’re on the right track.  However, we see that they’re mistaken.  Lee Sun Kyu is a huge fan of Crayon Pop and has been following the group around.  Seeing Lee Sun Kyu in that get-up is priceless.

It’s a huge disappointment for Hye Young who saw Sun Kyu in a certain light.  On the other hand, Big and Hye Young have been getting closer to each other, where previously their relationship was more like brother and sister.  He notices her disappointment and comforts her.  I am so ready for a cute noona-dongsaeng relationship between the two.  Eeee…

Unfortunately, what the group doesn’t see is that Lee Sun Kyu appears to be a business bigwig.  Let’s wait to see how this story develops further.

Back to Hyun Myung and Ha Ni who have stepped out to get some supplies.  Chef Kwon comes back to Ha Ni’s house waiting for her with flowers.  On the walk back home, Ha Ni feels a drop of rain and then a shower.  She’s terrified of her legs getting wet as it means that her tail will come back.  Hyun Myung has an umbrella and she immediately runs over to embrace him just to get out of the rain.  Of course, Chef Kwon is watching what has unfolded.  This sends mixed message to both Hyun Myung and Chef Kwon and it’s still up in the air as to who she’ll end up with.  However, I like that we finally, fiiiinally get the love triangle set up.


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