Just Bananas About: Week of 9/26/14

There’s a new couple on We Got Married and their first date is one of the best I’ve seen on the show to date.

But first, let’s check in with the other two couples.  We catch up with Hong Jong Hyun and Yura on their honeymoon trip.  As a result of one of the games they played, the couple is treated to wedding photos shot by a professional photographer.  This photographer seems to specialize in fashion and has come all the way from New York to shoot the two.

I don’t if it’s because Hong Jong Hyun is also a model but I really liked the shots of the two on the beach and in the bed.  My favorite being the one where they are pillow fighting and have rose petals are flying all over the place.  So preeetty…

As for Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min, we pick up the morning after the two spent the night at Hong Jin Young’s parents place for Chuseok.  They dress up in hanboks as is the tradition for newly married couples and have breakfast together.

That’s when things get weird.  I guess it’s not so weird when you consider the type of couple of they are.  Jin Young’s mom brings out a pillow for Min and asks him to try it out.  So he lays in the living room in front of the parents.  He notes that it’ll probably be seen as disrespectful but it’s not like he could turn his mother-in-law down.  Then as Jin Young’s father is giving another long lecture to Min, Jin Young can be seen dancing and twirling in the background.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation and amazed that Min was able to keep a straight face.

The two end their trip well and go back up to Seoul.  A few days later, Jin Young joins Min on the set of his drama, My Secret Hotel.  She’s on set because she’s going to make a cameo appearance where she insists that his character looks like her Nam Goong Min.  Although I don’t watch the drama, it seems like Hong Jin Young did a pretty decent job as she was just playing herself.

The newest couple on the show is hottie Song Jae Rim and Actress Kim So Eun.  I have to admit that I don’t really know who she is as I haven’t seen the dramas that she’s been in.  She was in Boys Over Flowers but I may just check out the upcoming tvN drama, Liar Game.

She drives to the meeting location in her manager’s car while he rides his motorbike over.

What I love about their first date is that they’re doing Dinner in the Dark.  There are a few cities around the world that have a place like this and I think it would be a great place for people to have their first date because you have to use your other senses instead of sight.  Instead of awkward glances and hemming and hawing, you move past all that because you know you just can’t sit there in the dark and say nothing.  Who knew Song Jae Rim was amusing odd?

The two receive cards that each person wrote with questions they have about each other.  Jae Rim notes that she written her questions very quickly and So Eun laughs because Jae Rim wrote down his phone number.  Haha, direct!

The two finally meet in the dark room and they ask each other a bunch of questions but because they’re both actors they do some fibbing.  Like Jae Rim saying that he’s almost 40 or that she’s just out of high school.  They are not.  Haha.

Don’t worry, the two finally catch on to the lies when they see each other.  It looks like they’ll both be keeping each other on their toes which totally makes me look forward to watching them week after week.


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