Jive Monkey Playlist: 10/6/14

There’s a reason why Kim Dong Ryool continues to remain relevant, even today. His songs from “동행 (Accompany)” have been topping the charts because it’s the taste of a different sound other than the typical idol K-Pop music. His songs are often about memories or reflecting back on life, love and friendships. I think a lot of people love his warm, operatic voice and look back on their own lives while listening to his music.

Originally part of the duo known as Jun Ram Hwe (Exhibition) that brought us “기억의 습작 (Calligraphy of Memories)” which most newer K-Pop fans might remember from the movie, Introduction to Architecture, and the K-Drama, Answer Me 1994. Kim Dong Ryool has always written his own music and continues to do so today. I remember Actress Yoon Yeo Jung describing his as a music prodigy and is wholeheartedly focused on his craft. Kim Dong Ryool had debuted in 1993 but he went back to school in 1999 to study film scoring so I can see why his music has that sweeping sound quality that you often get in instrumental film scores.

“그게 나야 (That’s Me)” is the title track on the album and the music video features Gong Yoo. So you know I absolutely had to feature it. Ha, kidding. Seriously, I love that the sweeping style to the melody that’s typical of Kim Dong Ryool. In some ways it makes his music sound vintage but familiar like an old photograph so I suppose it’s entirely fitting with the subject matter of the song. The interesting thing about the song is that despite the familiarity, the melody still manages to surprise me. As the song crescendos, it reaches an interesting point where it finished the chorus and then it gets calm again. I’m expecting the song to reach an end but then it swells up again. Leave it to Kim Dong Ryool to keep us on our toes, even if the song is a ballad.

김동률 – 그게 나야

그게 나야

난 너에게 모두 주고 싶던 한 사람
너 하나로 이미 충분했던
난 너에게 모두 주지 못한 한 사람
너무 쉽게 놓쳐 버렸던
우리 서로 사랑했던 그 시절엔
뭐가 그리 설레고 또 좋았었는지
세상을 다 가진 양
들떠 있던 내 모습이
너 없이 그려지지가 않는 게
그게 나야

난 너에게 너무 앞서 가던 한 사람
어느샌가 홀로 헤매던
우리 서로 사랑했던 그 시절엔
왜 그렇게 힘들고 또 아팠었는지
세상이 무너질 듯
펑펑 울던 네 모습이
한 번에 그려지지도 않는 게 어느새
너는 정말 괜찮은지
다 지운 채로 사는 건지

우리 서로 사랑했던 그 시절은
왜 내게는 추억인 척 할 수 없는지
좀처럼 잊혀지지 않는 얼굴 보고 싶어
하루에도 몇 번씩 또 그리는 그게 나야
그 시절을 아직 살아가는 한 사람 그게 나야

That’s Me

I was the one who wanted to give you everything
It was already sufficient with only you
I was the one who couldn’t give you everything you wanted
I let go too easily
The days we loved each other
What made us so excited and like each other?
Like sheep who’ve captured the world
The image of you excitedly standing there
Without you, the thing that can’t be defined
That’s me

I was the one who walked too far ahead of you
Before I knew it, ended up struggling alone
The days we loved each other
What made it so hard and hurt?
Like the world is collapsing
The image of you crying your eyes out
Somehow can’t be easily defined
Are you really doing well?
Or have you moved by erasing it all?

The days we loved each other
Why can’t I pretend they’re just memories?
Like before, I miss the face that can’t be erased
Several times a day and long, that’s me
The one who’s still stuck in the past, that’s me

While “그게 나야 (That’s Me)” seems to be about a lost love, “청춘 (Youth)” seems to be about friendships. There’s something really sad about the song in which it sounds like hope has been lost. And yet, the melody is really comforting. While Kim Dong Ryool doesn’t seem to provide any answers to the difficult questions, it seems like he’s sharing that we all feel the same way even it’s something we can’t talk about. Just knowing that another person in the world shares your feelings can be therapeutic.

Kim Dong Ryool – 청춘 (feat. 이상순) (Youth (feat. Lee Sang Soon))

김동률 – 청춘 (Feat. 이상순)

청춘 (feat. 이상순)

우리들 만났다 하면 날이 새도록
끝나지 않던 이야기 서로의 꿈들에
함께 부풀었었고 설레였고
내일이 두근거렸지

언제부턴가 하루가 짧아져만 갔고
우리들 마음은 점점 조급해져 갔지
영원할 것 같았던 많은 것들
조금씩 사라져갔지

서로가 참 솔직했었던 그때가 그리워
때로는 쓰라렸고
때로는 부끄럽고
그래서 고맙던 거칠 게 없던 시절

모든 걸 나눌 수 있었고
같은 꿈을 꾸던 시절
뭐가 달라진 걸까
우린 지금 무엇이 중요하게끔 된걸까

다들 모처럼 모인 술자리에서
끝없이 하는 이야기 그때가 좋았다
언제부턴가 더는 꺼내지 않는
스무살 서로의 꿈들

우리가 참 힘이 됐었던 그때가 그리워
때로는 다독이고
때로는 나무라고
그래서 고맙던 외롭지 않던 시절

모든 걸 나눌 수 있었고
같은 길을 걷던 시절
뭐가 달라진 걸까
우린 지금 무엇이 소중하게끔 된걸까

우린 결국 이렇게 어른이 되었고
푸르던 그 때 그 시절 추억이 되었지
뭐가 달라진 걸까
우린 아직 뜨거운 가슴이 뛰고
다를 게 없는데
뭐가 이리 어려운 걸까

Youth (feat. Lee Sang Soon)

Whenever we meet, the day seems to escape from us
The story that doesn’t end, our dreams
that we build up and get excited over
We’d palpitate over tomorrow

At some point, the days grew shorter
Our hearts grew more impatient
Thought many things would last forever
Little by little they disappeared

I long for when we were both honest
Every now and then it got sore
Every now and then it got embarrassing
That’s why I’m thankful for the times that weren’t rough

We could share everything
The times where we dreamt the same thing
What has changed?
What has become important to us now?

For a change, everyone gathered for drinks
The story that doesn’t end, it was good then
At some point, no longer bringing them out
20 years old, each other’s dreams

I long for the time we were each other’s strengths
Every now and then comforting each other
Every now and then being each other’s tree*
That’s why I’m thankful for those times I wasn’t lonely

We could share everything
The times we walked the same path
What has changed?
What has become precious to us now?

And so we eventually become adults
Bright, those times became memories
What has changed?
Our hot hearts are still beating
There’s nothing different
What is it that makes things so hard?


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