Early Fall TV Report (2014)


…you end up with permanent dark circles and never get around to posting about what you watched. I’m well overdue for a TV Report update but felt that I really needed to at least go over the Summer American programs before we get too much into this Fall Season. That post will probably happen later, hopefully not at the end of this year.


The Three Musketeers (삼총사)

I think the pacing of this drama has been proceeding pretty nicely. The thing that’s most noticeable is that the characters are pretty well-defined. So I’m enjoying the Joseon-fusion take on the classic characters. On the other hand, the plot is split in two ways: there’s the political intrigue and there’s the revenge plot. I find the revenge plot pretty interesting especially considering how it affects the other characters in the story but only mildly invested in political plot, and chiefly when it affects the revenge portion of the story.

The Nightwatchman’s Journal (야경꾼 일지)

I’m not really sure why I’m continuing to watch this drama. It is clearly flawed but I just enjoy watching Jung Il Woo and Go Sung Hee. I could speak mouthfuls of Jung Yun Ho’s acting. Most of my comments is predictable but I see a slight glimmer of hope (?). Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. There are so many flaws with the drama that at this point, I’m just watching for the main leads and hoping love with conquer all. It just won’t conquer most K-Drama hearts.

Secret Door – Uigwe Murder Case (비밀의 문 – 의궤 살인사건)

It’s a fascinating story and it’s a complicated story. And can I just say, this is one of the best K-Drama posters I’ve seen in like… ever?? This week, I was almost wishing that the drama would have done the Lee Sun/Crown Prince Sado tale by splitting the narrative. I still feel that that could be an interesting story  as there are two sides to the story but the actors are incredibly compelling in this conspiracy, noir tale. Each episodes are tautly written and continues to leave me on the edge of my seat.

Bad Guys (나쁜 녀석들)

The first episode was done incredibly well from introducing the plot, to the characters and the purpose they will serve in the group as well as leaving an air of mystery. Kim Sang Joong is a great ring leader, Ma Dong Suk brings a little comedy, Jo Dong Hyuk is pretty fierce with his moves and Park Hae Jin is really showing something new with this role as a psychotic serial killer. I’m definitely intrigued but I don’t want to say much because it’s so early in the series.


Real Men (진짜 사나이)

I absolutely loved the women edition of Real Men. I’ve been wanting to see that side of the army for so long. I continue to love the series but I’m curious to see how the dynamic might change when Kim Su Ro, Seo Kyung Suk and Sam Hammington leave the group. I hope we don’t feel their absence too deeply because besides serving their army duties, they also helped to steer the storylines we got to see by acting as the show’s unofficial MCs.

Running Man (런닝맨)

To put it simply, some episodes are hilarious, other episodes I’m on my phone playing games. My advice, if there’s a guest that you’re interested in, it might be worth watching. If not, then you might as well wait for some loyal viewers to comment whether watching a particular episode is worth your time.

Superman Returns (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다)

This is literally the first show I watch on Sundays. This is where I get my weekly dose of cuteness overload. I can’t help but loving the families with multiple kids like Lee Hwi Jae’s twins and Song Il Gook’s triplets. If raising one kid is hard, then I can’t imagine what’s it’s like to raise more than one at the same time.

Dad! Where Are You Going? (아빠! 어디가?)

After watching Superman Returns, I usually move on to Dad! Where Are You Going? These kids are a little bit older but I usually have one or two kids that I consider my favorites and so I keep watching for them. I don’t think the “missions” themselves vary much from week to week anymore but I watch to see how the relationship evolves between the kid and their dad.

Stargazing (별 바라기)

Promoted as the variety show about fans and for fans, it recently disappeared off the schedule without much fanfare. I admit that I found the show interesting but in the latter episodes it began to feel like a reincarnation of Strong Heart, except with less celebrities. Due to weak rating number, I feel like the show got scared and changed things up. However, I think if viewers were given more time to get used to the show and the original format, it would have become a show that people could grow to love.

Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

Currently, the members are playing tennis. The thing that’s hard about this show is that they’re playing against people who have been playing a specific sport for a much longer time period. So it’s obvious that they’re going to lose a lot of games but it’s tough to come back week after week just to watch the YeCheNeung team lose. It’s kind of a downer, isn’t it? On a completely different note, I now really want to learn how to play tennis. I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination thing working for me.

We Got Married (우리 결혼 했어요)

Song Jae Rim is a doofus. Incredibly hot but corny with his nauseating, lovey-dovey quips. Why am I so attracted to that? No, don’t answer that. He’s hilarious to watch though. I just haven’t warmed up to Kim So Eun yet. I don’t know exactly what it is but I could see myself eventually growing annoyed. I still love watching Hong Jong Hyun and Yura. To me, they’re perfectly matched because without Yura’s liveliness, that couple would come off boring and super quiet.

American TV

Royal Pains

There were a lot of things happening in Season 6 of Royal Pains, just not for Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein). He felt very much like a supporting player this season. The good news is that we got to focus on other characters but he’s the main character and we always want to see forward movement with his story. There were some new characters in the show and the most notable was the long-lost sister, Emma. I can’t say that I really warmed up to her and I don’t really know what purpose she serves in the series except to throw new obstacles at the Lawson brothers. As for Hank, he very much needed a love interest on the show but I didn’t like how it was haphazardly thrown into the plot. The good news on the brothers is that not only is Hank seeing Evan (Paulo Costanzo) less like his little brother and more like a business man who knows what he’s doing. Also, the practice itself is moving forward as they are teaming up with Boris (Campbell Scott) on a new venture. Although I still love the characters and enjoy the show, after all, it’s a lite, summer series, I think the series needs to figure out a way to wrap things up.

True Blood

I’ve already checked out of this show last season but as I’ve been watching since the beginning I couldn’t pass up at least finishing the series. This season is as I expected. Its focus was mainly on wrapping up the remaining storylines and moving forward. There were a few deaths at the end that was unexpected but I was actually satisfied with each one of them. Was it a great season? No, it was just there to tie up loose ends which it accomplished.

Ray Donovan

While I didn’t love the first season, I really enjoyed watching the second. It took me awhile to catch up to the series but as soon as I started watching, it was so easy to watch one episode after the other. All the actors are great characters actors but it seems the overall plot and writing has caught up to their level.

Masters of Sex

While Ray Donovan was having a banner year, Masters of Sex felt like it took a step back. The season wasn’t a total waste; there were plenty of stories that I was interested in but they mostly involved the supporting characters and not the leads. How should I put this delicately? It’s like foreplay and you want to take it to the next level but things come to an abrupt stop. Yeah, that’s exactly what it felt like to watch Master and Johnson for most of this season.

Halt and Catch Fire

From a lot of tech-y talk to relationships that didn’t quite lead anywhere, there were a lot of things disrupting the pacing of the show. However, I do think it showed improvement towards the end of the season and I like the characters enough to come back and try Season 2.

Young and Hungry

I think the biggest problem with this sitcom is the chemistry between the two main leads. I just don’t see it. However, I will say that Emily Osment is delightfully charming. In fact, her chemistry with Aimee Carrero, who plays her roommate Gaby, in pretty much on point. As for Rex Lee, I keep watching him and wondering what would Ari Gold say. I feel like there will be a lot of absurdities spewed about that’s probably not okay to say on ABC Family. If his one-liners were wittier, I wouldn’t have any complaints.


2 thoughts on “Early Fall TV Report (2014)

  1. Nice list. I’m watching the same dramas as you except Night Watchman.
    Speaking of variety have you watched Abnormal Summit before? It’s really good


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