Just Bananas About: Week of 10/31/14

Happy Halloween!  This weekend is when the last episode of The Three Musketeers is expected to air.  While I’ve been enjoying the characters in the drama and comparing it to Alexandre Dumas’ original characters, I have to admit that last Sunday was the best episode of the drama to date.  Shall we do a quick rundown?  Crown Prince So Hyun (Lee Jin Wook) is married to Park Dal Hyung’s (Jung Yong Hwa) childhood sweetheart.  However when an old suitor of the prince returns to Han Yang, she causes political turmoil and disrupts order in the kingdom.

The thing that’s feel fleshed out the most about this show is the drama of the personal relationships rather than the political turmoil.  The political turmoil is a device to further the plot and I’m relieved that it wrap up pretty quickly.  I wish the Cardinal Richelieu character, otherwise known as Lord Kim Ja Jum (Park Young Kyu) character was more interesting but he wasn’t.

In this penultimate episode, we get Park Dal Hyang relaying some version of the story to the King who immediately promotes him while the Musketeers wait in jail until his identity is proven.  When the magistrate finally is told that he’s arrested the Crown Prince, he’s immediately apologetic and releases them.  The three immediately head back to Han Yang only to be told by Prince So Hyun’s eunuch that the king has sent men to a gambling house.  Even though they’re exhausted, they must keep up the rouse.

The next day, the three are scolded by the king while Park Dal Hyang is praised for all his efforts. I love that the Prince says, ‘Surely, he didn’t do all these things by himself.’  No, the king is pretty sure that Park Dal Hyang did do it all by himself.  Haha.

Afterwards, Park Dal Hyang speaks with the Prince about a plan he has hatched to catch Mi Ryung (Yoo In Young), the prince’s ex-suitor.  Mi Ryung only has her eyes set on becoming the Princess and eventually, the Queen.  The only thing standing in her way is the current Princess (Seo Hyun Jin).

The Prince meets with Mi Ryung and tells her that he plans to throw away his current wife in order to marry her.  She happily gets in the palanquin and dreams of becoming a Queen only to be escorted straight to jail.  She’s shocked and her pride is hurt but she’s not done with her revenge scheme just yet.

She fakes a hanging and escapes.  She sends a bottle of liquor to Park Dal Hyang from Heo Seung Po (Yang Dong Geun) but when Dal Hyang sees Seung Po come to greet him to have a drink it dawns on him that the bottle isn’t from Seung Po.  Too late, his father has come to Han Yang to see witness his son’s success and while Dal Hyang was out, he drank the liquor by himself.

Meanwhile, the Prince and the Princess got married and although they are cordial to each other they didn’t marry for love.  That is, until the Prince started to have feelings for her.  I wasn’t sure how they would wrap up this love triangle (or love rhombus) but I think this development makes the most sense.  Plus, I always find Lee Jin Wook quite adorable in these types of scenes.

When the Prince does figure out his feelings for her, he meets her in the dead of night to let her know.  She swoons and they part with promises of a brighter future.

He begins to mount his horse when he notices that his bow and arrow is missing.  Suddenly an arrow narrowly misses his head to hit the intended target.  The Princess.  Oof.  Love thwarted by Mi Ryung.  I’m eager to see how this drama wraps up on Sunday night.


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 10/31/14

  1. ugh, what is going to happen!! Waiting for your comments and wrap up. Is there going to be a second series? Looking forward to your post! Thank you!


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