Just Bananas About: Week of 11/21/14

I’ve been watching Cantabile Tomorrow or Nae Il’s Cantabile and while I am concerned about how I will feel about the drama once it wraps up, the one thing I was correct about is that Shim Eun Kyung is perfect for the part of Seol Nae Il.

To recap, Seol Nae Il is a piano prodigy who only aims of using her music skills to become a kindergarten teacher nothing more.  Cha Yoo Jin (Joo Won) believes that she’s capable of more but she.  She prefers to play by ear rather than read sheet music and she’s like a big, uninhibited kid.  Due to a childhood trauma, she shirks away from any musical competitions which could showcase her talents to a wider audience.

Similarly, Yoo Jin faces a childhood trauma due to a plane crash and is unable to go study abroad.  Although he’s not able to fully face his trauma just yet, it appears that he’s faced part of that fear by performing in from of his overbearing father.

However, I think the funniest scene this week was watching Professor Do Kang Jae (Lee Byung Joon) attempt to teach Nae Il with kindness instead of usual mean, high-handed manner.  In fact, it’s Nae Il that tries to make an attempt to cross that bridge first with him by promising that she will be showing up to class.

Professor Do reciprocates by asking advice from her previous instructor Professor Ahn Gun Sang.

He then ends up playing one of Nae Il’s compositions, “The Fart Song”.  Although he’s embarrassed by how low he needs to sink in order to reach Nae Il, he eventually gives in and even has suggestions to improve the song.  He even does a little dance.  Brava!  Haha.

This instills enough confidence in Nae Il to want to compete and perform on stage to Professor Do’s surprise.

Although she’s not quick to pick up on the nuances of the Haydn composition by reading the sheet music, Yoo Jin helps her out by recording his own rendition of the track and having her memorize it by listening to it.

And now… the pièce de résistance; “The Fart Song”.


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