Just Bananas About: Week of 11/28/14

We’re approaching the end of Bad Guys and oh, it’s so dark and twisty. We finally get some background on Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin) and whether he’s a serial killer. However, it’s also in this past episode in which get into the looming mistrust that’s been hanging over the group and it finally comes to a head. What happens when you unleash the dogs?

After being stabbed for the umpteenth time, Lee Jung Moon wakes up and decides to leave the hospital to meet with the private investigator he paid off years ago to follow him. What did the investigator see? At every crime scene, Jung Moon appeared at the sight in the same car. He was even there in the alley where Detective Oh Goo Tak’s (Kim Sang Joong) daughter’s body was found.

Meanwhile, Goo Tak is silently standing outside listening to the conversation. As Jung Moon leaves, Goo Tak follows him with the aim to kill him. Was their conversation proof that Jung Moon had killed his daughter? Before Goo Tak has a chance to decide, Inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won) and Prosecutor Oh Jae Won (Kim Tae Hoon) show up on the scene.

Mi Young is keen on figuring out why Goo Tak had brought together these particular criminals together so she asks if Oh Jae Won has any knowledge of Lee Jung Moon’s past. He tells her that he was on Jung Moon’s first killing case, the one where Jung Moon killed intruders who have killed his parents.

Goo Tak shows up in Jung Moon’s hospital room in order to finish vendetta but there are still too many questions. What if Jung Moon’s not the real culprit? So they decide to conduct their own investigations but first Goo Tak clips Jung Moon’s ankle bracelet. What happens when the master unleashes his dog?

Their investigation takes them to a driver who doesn’t ask questions. He just remembers driving Jung Moon to all these places 3 years ago from a certain hospital. The driver takes them to a psychiatric hospital and Jung Moon seems to remember the place but it doesn’t seem to be the same doctor. He also remembers not going to hospital alone but he can’t quite picture who took him there. The current doctor gives them an address for the previous resident.

Mi Young has been struggling with her current assignment and goes to confront the commissioner who placed her on this team. He’s underestimated her will and skill and she relays the same thing he once told her, ‘Even if a dog bites the owner, the owner won’t die.’ But then she adds, ‘If a dog leaves the house, they’ll meet a new owner. And if she wags her tail to the new owner, the new owner will treat them well. But how will the original owner feel, he’d feel regretful, won’t he? Because there isn’t a dog that will wag her tail in front of him.’

She teams up with Prosecutor Oh instead and learns from both Park Woong Chul (Ma Dong Suk) and Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk) that they’ve both been hired to kill Lee Jung Moon but they don’t know who ordered the hit. Prosecutor Oh looks into Oh Goo Tak’s old case files and even his old partner.

Oh Goo Tak and Lee Jung Moon show up at the address they’ve been given and a mysterious man shows up. Jung Moon immediately recognizes him as the doctor who treated him but the man runs.

They chase but Jung Moon’s wound reopens. Goo Tak takes up the chase by himself and gets the drop on the doctor. Just as he’s about to put the cuffs on him, Jung Moon shows up. Jung Moon has other plans and takes Goo Tak out. He knows that Goo Tak was following the night he met the private investigator so he can’t even trust Goo Tak.

Jung Moon takes the doctor but the doctor has been waiting for Jung Moon to show up one day and prepare a tranquilizer to put this dog down.

Goo Tak is upset that he lost Jung Moon but just then Mi Young shows up to disclose exactly what she’s found out. It was Goo Tak that not only hired men to kill Jung Moon but all that the team faced was because of Goo Tak’s direction. Goo Tak only responds with a sinister smile.

I love all the twists in this episode from Goo Tak’s resolve to Jung Moon’s supposed innocence. I also never viewed Mi Young as a dog the way the other men are portrayed in the drama but she certainly has been one all along. A dog with a bone that refuses to let it go. I obviously don’t trust Prosecutor Oh at all. My hunch is that he’s probably the mysterious man that took Jung Moon to the doctors but I just don’t know why. Why would he want Oh Goo Tak’s daughter to die? I’m waiting on the edge of my seat.


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