Just Bananas About: Week of 12/12/14

It’s been forever since I last wrote about Our Neighborhood Variety Sports and I certainly haven’t written about the latest block of episode featuring the members taking on tennis.  What I’ve learned is that tennis is hard.  Even for the somewhat athletic members of Ye Che Neung, you can’t learn this sport overnight.

Gearing up to go against the Korea’s top amateur players, Ye Che Neung has been diligently practicing the sport.  Last week, Kang Ho Dong was excited to hear that the group was going on an MT (membership training) but like the previous weeks of Hellish Training, this is no mere field trip.

It was nice to see Former Cool member Lee Je Hoon and Comedian Yang Sang Guk finally getting to a place where they’re impressing the other members.  Lee Je Hoon loves tennis and would probably give up singing to play.  He even kept playing even though he sprained his wrist a few weeks back.  Yang Sang Guk is new to the sport but he certainly is tries his best so that he’s not a burden to Lee Je Hoon.  And yet, they only recently won their first match.  Not only are these two finally getting to a place where they’re getting better at the sport but more than any other pair, they have really great chemistry as they often speak to each other during the matches.

In this week’s episode, the Ye Che Neung members faced an interesting mission.  All the members had to go up against their tennis coaches, Professional Tennis Players Jeon Mi Ran (aka Yoon Jong Shin’s wife) and Lee Hyung Taek.  The coaches need to score 100 points versus Ye Che Neung’s 10 points.  It didn’t matter which order the players went or who they were paired up with.  The members just had to score 10 before the coaches scored 100.

Despite the great difference in points, I think this could have been an entirely possible mission.  Except that a string on Jeon Mi Ran’s racket snapped right before they started the match.  Obviously, she did use someone else’s racket but there’s a comfort factor that could upset the balance of her mindset going into the match.

To make matters worse, if the coaches lost their match, they would be forced to show their aegyo which made Lee Hyung Taek’s toes curl.  Truthfully, there probably wouldn’t be a punishment if Lee Hyung Taek didn’t make such a fuss when he was introducing the challenge.  On the line for Ye Che Neung was a BBQ party.

So the match proceeds but from the start, things begin to go wrong as the Ye Che Neung members quickly start building up their points.  With each point lost, Lee Hyung Taek gets a bit more agitated and his swings get faster and harder.

At last, the score is 63 to 9 when Sung Shi Kyung serves but the coaches are unable to return the ball.  The Ye Che Neung team are jumping up and down in excitement thinking they’ve won when the chair umpire informs Sung Shi Kyung that he committed a foot fault.  That’s when the foot goes over the line during the serve.

The coaches are ecstatic at first, but alas, Ye Che Neung wins the match with Sung Shi Kyung hitting a volley over the net and Lee Hyung Taek is unable to return it.  Final score – 66 to 10.

And the moment of the hour, the aegyo moment with an additional element contributed by Jung Hyung Don.  A cute farting motion.

Gritting his teeth, Lee Hyung Taek quickly gets the moment over with.

Onto the BBQ. I would imagine that victory tastes a lot like grilled pork belly, too. Drooling much?

The Ye Che Neung members enjoy their BBQ which also include a dish by Shin Hyun Joon.  It’s clams boiled in beer and lemons.  I’ve actually seen him debut this recipe before on Happy Together and it looked just as good then as it does now.  I can’t believe I haven’t tried making this dish at home but I promise to upload pictures once I do.


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