Just Bananas About: Week of 1/9/15

A new year and a new kid on Superman Returns.  Uhm Tae Woong joins the rest of the superhero days as he faces the challenge of caring for his daughter, Ji On, for 48 hours straight without her mother.

It’s the morning after the triplets’ visit and Sarang tells her dad that she likes Manse the best because he’s so happy.  It makes her dad laugh but he’s not in disagreement.  He was not only warm and playful to Sarang but to her parents as well so Chu Sung Hoon can’t help but agree that he also liked Manse the best.

Meanwhile, the triplets are touring Tokyo with their dad, Song Il Kook, and visit the aquarium.  It’s cute to see them being so fascinated with animals and they’re also not afraid to feed them.

The rest of their tour has them eating, naturally, and the cutest thing about Dae Han is that he feeds his hungry dad, who happens to be on a diet probably for his next role, as well as looking after his younger brothers.

At their Japanese style hotel, the boys find karaoke mics and immediately commence singing the butterfly song, a Korean children’s song.  What else would you find in a Japanese room?  However, the real singer out of the three is Min Guk who can’t help but sing as he eats dinner.  He alternates with singing a line from the tadpole song to taking a bite of his fish.

The next day, Song Il Kook takes the boys to the open-air spa.  At first the boys are hesitant about going outside because it’s so cold but once they realize that the water is warm, they are so preoccupied with playing in the water that they don’t even realize that their dad is asking them a question.  He wanted to know what the boys wanted to do in the new year since they’ve done so much on the show.  However, I know that more adventures await these three and I can’t wait to see. I also cannot wait until I get my Triplets Calendar which my cousin promised to get for me.  Eee it’s going to be a good 2015.

Back to Sarang, apparently Shio’s birthday is coming up and Sung Hoon has planned to make something homemade.  They attempt to try the potter’s wheel but it’s too difficult for both them.  So they decide to make a plate instead.  Sarang chooses to make a Rilakkuma plate and she writes her and her mom’s name in the ears.  Shio is touched by the plate and you just realize that it’s the little things that kids do that warms your heart.

Although Sarang is meant to spend the 48 hours alone with her dad, Shio shows up early in the morning.  The family watches the sun rise and makes a wish for the new year.  Shio obviously wants a baby but Sung Hoon avoids responding.  He’s just happy with the three of them.

As for Seo Un and Seo Joon, it’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown over the past year.  They can say little phrases and the most heartbreaking to Lee Hwi Jae is that they are becoming more independent.  At the 69 Building, Lee Hwi Jae brings the boys to see the Seoul night skyline.  Except they notice a candy machine and are preoccupied by it.  Lee Hwi Jae tries to corral them by saying that he’s leaving but Seo Joon waves goodbye while Seo Un actually pushes his dad away leaving Lee Hwi Jae shocked.

Lee Hwi Jae goes around the corner knowing that they’ll eventually look for him after some time.  However Seo Joon’s pants start slipping down.  I mean, look at him.  He’s not able to pick up his pants by himself but he’s not embarrassed.  There’s just no words that will be able to explain a baby’s logic in these instances.

The next morning, he takes the kids to the park for some exercise and play.

When he returns home, he finds that the table has been set with breakfast.  Particularly, a birthday breakfast complete with seaweed soup made by his wife.  Lee Hwi Jae’s birthday happens to fall at the end of December.  She’s made shirts for her entire family with the twins faces on them and he’s touched.  The only thing that could make it better would be if she were there to celebrate with them.

Oh but she just happens to be hiding between the curtain with one of the VJs.  He calls her up to thank her but suddenly he hears her phone ringing in the house.  Thinking that she must have left her phone at home, he head for the VJ tent to check it out.  That’s when she pops out.  He says that he’s not amused but clearly his face says it all.

Now to our newest family, it’s Uhm Tae Woong, aka Uhm-Force, and his daughter, Ji On.  I felt that Ji On seems to resemble Uhm Tae Woong but my mom swears that he looks like Yoon Hye Jin’s father, Actor Yoon Il Bong, when he was younger.

It seems like Ji On is a very playful kid.  She likes playing peekaboo with her dad and she also likes playing with her dog, Sae Bom.

Apparently, Sae Bom is curious about these VJs that have suddenly appeared in her home and immediately pop her head in the VJs tent to see what’s up.  Ji On tries to pull Sae Bom out and looks amusingly apologetic.

On top of being playful, Ji On loves to dance.  You’d think that since her mom is a ballerina, Ji On would have some graceful moves.  However, Yoon Hye Jin attributes those dance moves to Ji On’s Aunt (aka Uhm Jung Hwa).  Haha, I can’t wait until Ji On’s Gomo (meaning aunt, as in her dad’s sister) makes an appearance on the show.

Yoon Hye Jin gets ready to leave and while Uhm Tae Woong is not happy, Ji On doesn’t seem to say goodbye to her mom.  Typically, I’m used to see kids in tears and tantrum if the mom is ready to walk out the door.  I can’t wait to see their time alone as Tae Woong is new at this and I can imagine how flustered he’ll get at simple things like bath time or making food.  To my surprise, he’s pretty weepy (in a I’m so touched and overwhelmed with emotion) every time Ji On does something.  I guess that’s first-time parents for ya.


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