Just Bananas About: Week of 1/16/15

Hello 2015 and hello most reluctant guest of Running Man… ever.

I’ve been waiting for the Lee Seo Jin episode.  He’s not the most comfortable person on variety programs but he’s definitely known for his prickly personality.  When it’s matched up again Na PD, it makes total sense.  But how will that work with the Running Man crew?

We pick up with the same guests from last week, Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, who are promoting their new movie, Love Forecast (aka Today’s Love).  Lee Seung Gi is separately given a mission to rip the nametags off all the members before they realize he’s a spy.  His co-spy is none other than Lee Seo Jin, who is bothered by the whole concept of being on the show.

When the members start their intro, Yoo Jae Suk immediately comments about how Lee Seo Jin was supposed to be on the show.  The PDs cover that up by saying that he’s flying in so he’ll join the rest of the group later on.  The first mission of the day has the members find poster boards with numbers on them, hidden throughout a hotel, before time runs out.  Seems simple enough.

Except that Seojinnie is hiding in one of the rooms.  Seung Gi finally gets a few of the members to the room.  While being distracted by the fact that Seo Jin has already arrived on set, Seung Gi rips their nametag off.  The funniest thing is that literally Seo Jin does nothing but sit on the chair in the corner while Seung Gi does all the work.  He just wants Seung Gi to hurry up so they could be done with the mission and eat.  Ha.

Although Lee Kwang Soo and Moon Chae Won act surprised at first, minutes later their outside on the balcony signaling to other members.  It may sound odd but in fact, the members all knew of the spy mission.  The members must try to get themselves all eliminated without arising the suspicions of the spies.

Seriously, Seung Gi?  You didn’t think something was up when you pulled off Kim Jong Kook’s nametag?  And the most awkward thing about the scene is that Gary was with Kim Jong Kook but he excuses himself so that they don’t know that he knows that he’s a spy.

He’s all giddy in the jail room but genuinely surprised when the PD announces that the other team has won.

Afterwards, the group split up into pairs and given a set of cards or numbers and math symbols.  They members have to make as many pairs as possible in order to win the game.  In between each game, the first and second place teams will have an opportunity to switch their cards with another team.

They go through an obstacle course on the beach and have to challenge their chopstick skills.  I have to say that using giant chopsticks to pick up lipsticks look very challenging but Jong Kook makes it looks so easy.  Not to mention it’s hilarious to see him paired up with Kwang Soo who takes the backhug portion of the chopsticks challenge a little far.

In the end, the teams get to do a real round of their nametag game except they have their cards stuck to their back.  The object of the game is to go after the member who has the same matching symbol as you or your teammate and clear the pairs.

I love the expression on Seo Jin’s face when he sees how aggressive Seung Gi can get.  Like ‘how dare you take my card.  I thought I was your sunbae.’

Despite his reluctance to play, Seo Jin and Jae Suk wins the game.  Although the members and the staff are reluctant to give the prize until Seo Jin clears his cards in a fun, variety way.  Complete with explosive reactions.

I love that Seo Jin eyes Jae Suk, trying to fly under his variety personality radar.  However, all eyes are on Seo Jin and the group won’t let up until he gives his all.  Even Jae Suk is amusingly annoyed by him.  Seo Jin is relents but it’s watching him struggle that makes it not only funny but pitiful at the same time.


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