Just Bananas About: Week of 2/27/15

While Sunam Girls High School Detectives might just be a teenage drama, the creators have been doing a great job in tackling some issues that’s relevant to today’s youth.  It’s not just about Korea being a conservative country and the drama doesn’t try to make a moral side in these many of these matters but I like that the drama provides a forum to discuss the topic.

At first glance, the drama seems like teenage girl drama filled with wonderfully weird characters who solve mysteries.  Yoon Mi Do (Kang Min Ah) is very plucky and gung-ho while Ahn Chae Yool (Jin Ji Hee) is an intelligent girl who is discovering that she could be more than what her mother dictates.  The rest of the gang, Lee Ye Hee (Girl’s Day’s Lee Hye Ri), Kim Ha Jae (Lee Min Ji) and Choi Sung Yoon (Stephanie Lee), add their own splash of unique color to this Scooby Doo crew.

However, the show has tackled the subject matter of bullying and teenage pregnancy/abortion.  From Korean dramas I’ve watched thus far, writers and producers always try to take the safe route saying that bullying is bad or that every life is precious.  Those generic statements don’t usually tell the whole story and many of these plotlines we’ve seen before felt very one-sided.

This drama tries a different approach to these kinds of debates.  Most issues start with something small and insignificant.  It can then snowball into something big and unmanageable.  I like that the drama is trying to show both sides of that story.  The bully isn’t necessarily an evil person but a person who ends up doing the wrong thing because something else happened to them.

This week, we got to see the story of a secret relationship between two high school girls.  Whatever your opinion is about gay/lesbian/bi-sexual relationships, this is something that happens in the real world and I’m so glad that the drama has decided to tackle it as it’s a taboo subject matter.

Zitten – 안개 (Fog) (Lyrics)

짙은(Zitten) – 안개

The story starts off innocently with a love story.  However, a mysterious online source is set out to destroy the reputation of one of the teens.  She’s seen posing provocatively in front of the webcam or so that’s the source wants the kids to think.  In order to save the reputation of the teen, all she has to do is reveal who she was talking to online and what they were talking about.  Unfortunately, that would mean exposing her relationship with the other girl.

The teen girl detectives have discovered the relationship and I’m eager to see how the drama will tackle it and hope it will spark parents to openly discuss this and other issues with their kids.  I’m hopeful that we’ll get a satisfactory ending that’s neither judgmental or insensitive.


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