[Review] Sun-showers/Gap: Sun-Showers Fall Down – 사이: 여우비 내리다


Yeon Soo (Yeon Je Wook) is the owner of a small café in a quiet alley.  Although he gets the odd customer every now and then, there always manages to be people who are able to find it.  As he is cleaning in front of his shop one day, he discovers a small, yellow flower growing between two rocks. It also draws the curiosity of Yoo Ri (Ha Yeon Soo).  She’s come by the café to ask if Yeon Soo is okay with her selling her wares outside his shop.  He agrees and quickly forms a crush.  Every day, Yeon Soo is happy to see Yoo Ri until she stops showing up.

Not many people are going to be familiar with this web short but there was a small burst of popularity when it premiered online.  Not to mention that Ha Yeon Soo sings the title song in the project.  At 24 minutes in length, the short depicts a slice-of-life in a cute way.  Yeon Je Wook and Ha Yeon Soo seem to have a charming on-screen chemistry despite the fact that the running time doesn’t allow for their characters to be fully fleshed out.

Ha Yeon Soo – 토닥토닥 (Pat-pat)

하연수 – 토닥토닥

Yeon Soo is an inconspicuous guy.  While he’d like his café to thrive, he seems to be the type of person that blends with his surrounding and doesn’t mind it.  That is, until he meets Yoo Ri.

It’s difficult to assess what kind of person Yoo Ri is as we see her through Yeon Soo’s eyes for the most part.  We can assume that she’s warm and friendly.  She brings something out in Yeon Soo that makes him want to be part of the world instead of a wallflower.  I like the symbol of the yellow flower for Yeon Soo and the sun-shower representing Yoo Ri as it frames their character’s roles.

The story’s pace is pretty slow and we don’t get a lot of depth with the characters.  These are probably things I could live with considering the length but what’s most problematic about the short is that we never really get a payoff at the end of the 24 minutes which is unsatisfying.  The ending leaves the viewers with the same question viewers have at the beginning of the film.  Will they or won’t they?  We get an abrupt ending that leads directly to the credits and it makes the short feel like an incomplete student film.



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