Just Bananas About: Week of 3/13/15

The long awaited 2nd Season of Real Men has begun with a brand new cast as the show has been teasing for weeks. Already, it looks like they upped the ante.

But first, we wrap up with the women. They finish their training and they return to change into their formal military dress for their graduation. The women start to look more like themselves. Even Amber looks different wearing a skirt.

It’s hard for the girls not to get emotional during the ceremony and saying goodbye to their troop leader. I think Kang Ye Won said it best. Sure, she lacked a lot but she is proud at what she accomplished. The women exit the grounds and find family, friends, and managers waiting for them.

What I like about the show is that they highlight that the army is about making you tough regardless if you are a man or a woman. It seems like the new cast will have just as a hard time adjusting as the girls.

Actor Lim Won Hee is the oldest out of the group while the twins from Boyfriend, Jo Young Min and Jo Kwang Min, are the youngest.  It wasn’t too long ago when Super Junior’s Kangin came out of the army while Sam Okyere may have to overcome language difficulties.

The other 6 members in this whopping 11 member group are: Comedian Kim Young Chul, Actor Lee Kyu Han, Actor Jung Kyu Woon, Untouchable’s Sleepy, Chef Sam Kim and Former Pro Basketball Player Kim Seung Hyun.  It’s quite a diverse cast and I’m intrigued to see how it’ll pan out.

However, I feel really bad for Comedian Kim Young Chul when he was trying to explain his overbite and inability to keep his mouth closed.  Yes, as a comedian, he may be itching to make jokes on the show but his lips naturally do not close because of his overbite.  It’s incredibly sad that he’ll be picked out because of it but hilariously funny at the same time.

We get to see the men as they go about taking their initial acceptance test for the military.  This is so that the military is able to get a sense of their mental and emotional capabilities as well as their physical health.  The process is quite different from what Lim Won Hee experienced himself back in the 90’s.  Most of the men appear to be fine and are served their papers while the physical examination for Rapper Sleeper showed signs of tuberculosis.  He gets treated at a hospital and because the symptoms were not severe, he’s able to pass his second physical.

One of clear differences this time around is that the cast must abide with the strict dress code of army.  That means cutting their hair.  Many of these celebrities from the previous season had job outside of the show from dramas to variety programs so it was quite a surprise to hear that the producers were requiring it of this cast.  To their credit, they did ask the cast members in their initial casting interview.

The highlight of these barber shop scenes has got to Rapper Sleepy and his motley crew of friends.  He had twisted dreads which he untwisted the night before.  Seeing the frizzy mess, it reminded me of the Sideshow Bob hairstyle from the Simpsons.  However, as the barber is shaving his head, his friends decide to take a picture that they will probably never let him live down.  Hahaha.

As for the twins, it’s hard enough telling them apart with different colored hair and clothes but in the same army outfit and haircut, it’s gonna be even harder.  I doubt their parents would really be able to tell them apart.  In fact, it was really sweet that their parents made a visit to the barber shop to surprise them and wish them farewell before they entered basic training.

It’s never easy for parents to send their kids off and it looks like the men here are going to have a tough time as well adjusting to the army.  Can’t wait!


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