Just Bananas About: Week of 3/20/15

Happy Spring!  We’re expected to get some snow again here on the East Coast (sad face) but I’m going to choose to think happy thoughts.  The weather is supposed to be great this weekend.  Yay! (Ensue skipping.)  Following the end of Heart to Heart, I decided to pick up the drama that replaced it, Super Daddy Yeol.  It stars Lee Dong Gun and it feels like ages since I last saw him.  Not that I’ve watched a whole lot of the dramas he’s been in.  There was Lovers in Paris and then Night After Night.  That’s two.  Then he went off to the army.  However, he just feels like an old friend that’s returned to my screen so I’m happy to see him.

Super Daddy Yeol is about Han Yeol (Lee Dong Gun), a former baseball player now coach who is living the life as a bachelor.  Except he’s never quite forgotten about his ex-girlfriend, Cha Mi Rae (Lee Yoo Ri), who left him to pursue her studies in medicine in the States.

She’s a single mom who has just discovered that she has terminal cancer and has one year left to live.  Her daughter, Cha Sa Rang (Lee Re), has always wanted to have a father like the other kids in her class so Mi Rae reappears in Yeol’s life again to transform him into a good father for Sa Rang.

The premise is pretty hokey and whenever I hear terminal cancer, I roll my eyes.  Why is that always the catalyst that makes K-Dramas characters leap into action?  Despite the flaws, I do find Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri’s chemistry endearing and funny.  They remind me of Lee Kyu Han’s chemistry with Kang Hye Jung in The Marriage Plot so it’s easy for me to welcome characters who I could see myself being friends with.

As with any rom com, you have the second leads who are vying for their hearts.  There are two in this drama.  Hwang Ji Hye (Seo Ye Ji) has confessed that she likes Yeol, even telling her mom about it.  They are both doctors overseeing the wellness of the baseball team.

Shin Woo Hyuk (Seo Joon Young) is Mi Rae’s colleague at the hospital and has been unsuccessfully trying to win Mi Rae’s heart, even enlisting the help of Sa Rang.

Sa Rang is played by the adorable Lee Re who was most recently in A Perfect Way to Steal a Dog with Kang Hye Jung.  From these first episodes, I love that her character is clever and tenacious.  She’s even got a loveline of her own as she is crushing on a boy in her class.  Even though he chooses the popular, pretty kid, it doesn’t stop her from helping him when he gets bullied by older female classmates.  Of course, she’s not able to do much until she sees Yeol and pretends that he’s her dad.

Already, I’m loving the ragtag cast and hoping that it’ll be another fun weekend rom com drama that TVN is particularly good at producing.


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