Monkey Poo: Berating Bad Behavior

There have been a number of celebrities in the new recently who have been called out for behaving badly. Working in the entertainment industry has challenges similar to any other job out there. There will always be temperamental bosses or people who have simply gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. However, there are consequences for acting that way and I don’t think celebrities should be excused from those consequences.

This week, BBC came to a decision on the “fracas” (their word, not mine) on the incident between Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clarkson and one of the show’s producers, Oisin Tymon. Here’s the official statement from the BBC which includes the internal investigative report and it doesn’t seem like Jeremy Clarkson is denying it. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first incident involving the host.

While the entertainment industry is similar to any other professional industry out there, it is an industry with billions of eyes watching them. It is also a 24/7 type of job where you are up all hours of the day and traveling to all parts of the globe to attempt to make an entertaining program. That’s not an easy feat for the talent and the staff.

Having said that, producing television is a business and I do think people have to conduct themselves in a professional manner. I was a little shocked to hear the number of fans taking to social media and writing awful, threatening messages to the producer and the network. Sure, if you are an avid fan, you don’t want to see your favorite celebrity being put on a time out. However, I think the firing was just.

It’s going to be hard both for the BBC and Jeremy Clarkson. You have episodes that are in the can that will not likely see the light of day for years. That’s money down the drain. There are millions of dollars in ad revenue and general publicity from future shows that the BBC won’t be able to profit from. It’s very likely that another network will scoop Jeremy Clarkson up but he will now have to come up with a new show and a new format since the BBC owns the Top Gear franchise.

It’s unfortunate that it has to come down to this. Critics may argue that in the past BBC has turned its blind eye in the past. Why does Jeremy Clarkson have to pay the price for this? They’re not wrong but looking at this incident alone, I think it was the right decision and hopefully in the future, they’ll continue to make the right decision.

Back in Korea, there was an incident a few weeks back involving Actress Lee Tae Im and Jewelry’s Yewon on Tutoring Across Generations. Unfortunately this week, someone released the video of the argument and there are transcripts of the exchange.  Although MBC has stated that they are working to get all these videos down, there are still a number of videos up.

The thing about this incident that’s quite unique to Korea is the relationship between a senior and junior and the use of formal language. As a Korean-American, I admit that I have my opinions about it. I completely understand the importance of using formal language and how that reflects an attitude of respect. I definitely use formal language in my everyday life. So I get it.

I don’t know if Yewon was trying to be sly about it and sneak in a few banmal comments. On the other hand, she could have been totally oblivious about the fact that she was using banmal. The comments in question were such short words.  She tries to smooth things out by asking if Lee Tae Im doesn’t like her but she does curse her out after Lee Tae Im releases her tirade on her which I frankly don’t blame Yewon for.

As for Lee Tae Im, as a senior, she’s very well in her right to discipline but I’d like to know why her anger escalated to a level in which she had to be taken off the show. Sure, stress is a factor and perhaps this is a case where she got up on the wrong side of the bed. I mean, we all have bad days and been in her position before, no?

I think what’s really unfortunate is that the production team was unable to keep the news from reaching the public. The court of public opinion is especially harsh and Korean audiences and foreign audiences are taking to the forums to argue it out. Truthfully, I imagine that these kinds of arguments happen all the time but the fact that it is out there is not only embarrassing for the celebrities but it also puts the show at risk as well. I hope everyone will eventually be able to move past this but it seems like for the time being they’re going to have to put on a brave face. Certainly, Yewon’s appearance on We Got Married will be in hot water with some fans but I hope the producers aren’t pressured to remove her.  Surely, Henry has his share of netizen criticisms so I’m sure he’d be willing to help.


One thought on “Monkey Poo: Berating Bad Behavior

  1. The fact is Yewon, her company and the show production has been lied before the video is released. Bad behaviour is one thing, then you throw all the fault to LTR alone. That is unacceptable.


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