Just Bananas About: Week of 4/3/15

When I first heard about the Dynamic Duo concert, I was really excited.  Because not only was it going to be Choiza and Gaeko but it was going to include some of the other Amoeba Culture crew.  It was a really fun night and if I had the chance, I would go see them again.

Now, the disclaimer.  I’ve had a few problems that night.  Now you’ll see why at my age, I refuse to go to concerts where it is General Admission.  I’m not for being jostled around and seeing in between heads.  Plus, my arms get tired after filming for awhile.  And secondly, I had a camera malfunction maybe about 10 minutes in?  So I had to shoot the rest of the concert on my phone which has decent quality for a phone but not for shooting long distances.  You’ll clearly see a difference in the quality of the clips and shakiness so not the best videos I could have taken.  Siiigh, I really need to get a new camera this year.

Despite that, the concert was awesome.  While it was DJ Fritz that opened the show, Crush followed slowly thereafter with a bit of R&B.  While I initially worried that I wouldn’t really know much of his music like the way I know the other artists, I was surprised that I actually knew more than I thought I did.

“눈이 마주친 순간 (I Fancy You) (Soon As Our Eyes Meet)” and “A Little Bit” are both from his latest studio album that came out past summer.  Once the initial screams settle, this is the perfect song to start off the night as it is about falling for a girl he met at a club.

The thing I love about Zion. T is how his voice is so unique.  It’s sweet but similar to Kim Gun Mo he’s got a very unique voice.  He also dresses like Kim Gun Mo did back in the 90’s.  He’s so retro.

For a time in 2012, I could not stop listening to Primary.  I was obsessed with his music and while there were a few unfortunate hits to his music career back in 2013 having to do with plagiarism, I was glad to see him included in this lineup.  For those who are unfamiliar with Primary, he’s a music producer and musician who often wears a box on his head.  However, because of his appearance on Infinity Challenge, we’ve been seeing Choi Dong Hoon’s face, as he’s called in real life, more and more.

“? (물음표) (Question Mark)” is my faaaavorite song from his LP in 2012.  Plus, the original music video was so entertaining.

“출첵 (Check Attendance)” was an older song in which I wasn’t really familiar with.  I mentioned previously that I was initially introduced to Dynamic Duo because DJ DOC couldn’t stop doing the rap from their songs on Happy Together a few years ago.  Since I loved DJ DOC in my youth and since they were the ones who solidified the hip hop culture in Korea in the 90’s, it was totally an opinion I respected.  I’ve never turned back on Dynamic Duo since.

And who could overlook my favorite song from their last album.  “BAAAM” is not only a sexy song but it also has a lot of humor.  That’s indicative of the group.

They end the night with “불타는 금요일 (Friday Night)” which is a great song to leave us on as it made you want to keep the party going elsewhere.

And as with all their concerts, the group ended the night with a group selfie with the fans.


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