Just Bananas About: Week of 4/10/15

It’s the episodes that I’ve been eagerly waiting for.  Finally, Dating Alone decides to feature female celebrities trying to figure out the mind of a guy.  That guy is Seo Kang Jun.

I guess I watched the previous episodes of the show with amusement as Sung Shi Kyung made his selections with a calm confidence, Jang Dong Min with his creepy guy humor and Kim Min Jong with his old man mentality about dating.  I suppose it is true that women understand women better and men understand men better.

It was nice that SNSD’s Yuri could come on as one of the guests and Sung Shi Kyung was sure delighted to see her struggling to make the right choice.

I also loved to see Witch Hunt‘s Han Hye Jin as she’s quite bold in her responses.  The other women in the episode are Comedian Shin Bong Sun and Comedian Kim Ji Min.

I’ve seen Seo Kang Jun before in dramas like The Strange Housekeeper but I think he made the biggest impression for me on We Got Married recently when he challenged Song Jae Rim’s patience by saying that his first on-screen kiss was with Kim So Eun and tried to feed her right in front of him.  It was hilarious but I never really thought much of Seo Kang Jun.

That is, until he made an appearance on Dating Alone as the “boyfriend”.

I guess I didn’t quite understand why the men would swoon while watching their virtual girlfriend like Yuri and APink’s Jung Eun Ji on the monitor but I have to admit that Seo Kang Jun made me giggle and swoon myself.  Haha.  It’s strange but I didn’t really feel that way about him in dramas and variety show appearances.  Now, I think this is just another reason for me to watch the upcoming sageuk, Hwajung.

As for Dating Alone, it appears that Han Hye Jin is good at initially attracting a man or the term used in Korea, or being “some” thing.  While Shin Bong Sun and Yuri did better as Kang Jun’s “girlfriend”, ultimately Han Hye Jin was able to turn things around at the very end and get the most points to put her back on top.

The refreshing thing about this show is how the 4D missions were a little bit different.  Not only were the girls judged by their apple peeling or onion chopping skills but it was hilarious to see the show’s staff pop out so the girls could tie on a tie.  Although, Han Hye Jin was more scared than thrilled as she jumps out of her seat when her Seo Kang Jun pops through the wall.

According to the show, the virtual boyfriend episodes have been incredibly popular and they were certainly my favorite episodes so far for this show.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the images below. *whistles*  This week, we’ll get another virtual boyfriend in EXO’s Chanyeol and we’ll see how a CC (Campus Couple) fares in the world of virtual dating.


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