Just Bananas About: Week of 4/24/15

Despite the controversy of Ji Suk Jin smoking an e-cigarette on camera, it’s been awhile since I really enjoyed an episode of Running Man that I felt it was worthy to share.

This week’s episode features the latest top stars, particularly for variety television.  The guests were Noeul’s Kang Kyun Sung, Former Sechskies member Jang Su Won, Hong Jong Hyun, Son Ho Joon and Comedian Lee Byung Jae.

The group is split up into two teams.  The Running Man members have to decide which one of their own they’d kick out of their team if they want to bring on one of the guests.

Sometimes they’d pick the most obvious scapegoat from their own group.

Other times,  they’d abandoned a guest on the side of the road.  Son Ho Joon always looks sad but it was especially pathetic to see him try and run after the minivan with breakfast in his hand.

Lee Byung Jae is in a class all by himself.  He can look pathetic and yet it’s too hard to pass him by.

The theme of today’s games is based around the members’ and the guests’ Hot Places.  The teams are split as Cool Guys and Hot Guys.  I was surprised to see that Lee Kwang Soo’s joint was the pool hall in Anyang.  I mean, I have an impression of him because of his various roles and on Running Man but then imagine he’s quite different in real life.

The group plays pool but it’s not your average table as it is larger and the balls are actually bowling balls.

Kang Kyun Sung is quite good at bowling ball pool but I was really impressed with Lee Byung Jae’s skill as he curved the ball to bounce the cue ball and hit the intended ball into the pocket.

In between each mission, the winning team has a head start to get to the next location.  However, the losing team could rip off their nametags and therefore eliminate the member.  No surprise but Ji Suk Jin is taken out pretty quickly.  The next location is Yoo Jae Suk’s place, Chang Kyung Palace, which is the place where he had a dating setup  known as “meeting” in his youth.  The mission here is to see who can swiftly shoot out the lead in a mechanical pencil.  Yoo Jae Suk wasn’t as good in the game but in the 2nd round, Ji Suk Jin was worse.

The 3rd location is Lee Byung Jae’s hot place, Shinwol Apartment Building #3.  Yep, I was confused as well.  Lee Byung Jae tells us the story that he lived there with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend.  It was the girlfriend’s apartment.  However, both men caught on to the fact that the girlfriend was cheating on the friend but pretended that they didn’t know.  If they did, they’d have to move out sooner but the two friends had no money to move out.

Nevermind what the mission is for this stage.  That story alone was hilarious because Lee Byung Jae says it with a totally straight face.  Oh fine, one team must hide the tape while the other team guesses who is hiding the Rated 19 tape.

Son Ho Joon’s hot place is a park and the members have to dress up as different animals for a relay race.  However, by this stage, Kang Kyun Sung is the only member left on the Hot Guys team.

On the way to the last location, they randomly meet Gong Yoo, Jung Yoo Mi and Ma Dong Seok who are in the midst of shooting the movie, Busan Bound.  They ask Ma Dong Seok to come on the show because they need another guy to take on Spartakooks but he tells them that he’s too old to be competing with invincible Kim Jong Kook.  As Kim Jong Kook is about to pull the cart away, Yoo Jae Suk announces that he’s so close with Gong Yoo, they’re like brothers.  Ji Suk Jin immediately tries to confirm it which only brings smiles and a comment that the group should keep going where they were heading.  Ha, it’s so amusing that Yoo Jae Suk regrets not saying that when they were a bit farther away.

At the last location, it’s Jong Kook’s hot place which is most obviously a karaoke joint.  The mission is to call out any number and the song title with the most syllables wins.  However, they’ve got a karaoke machine and they can’t let Kang Kyun Sung leave without doing a few impressions.  Lol, Jung In was a bit pitiful but the Kim Jong Kook impression was hilarious.

Ultimately, it’s the Cool Guys team that wins but it was nice to see Kang Kyun Sung sticking it out all the way ’til the end.  I really wanted him to be the one who ended up being the Sixth Man on Infinity Challenge but at least in this way, he gets to spread out his variety show skills on numerous programs.  Congrats to Kwang Hee and hope he can stick it out despite all the negativity.


While it wasn’t too long ago when I featured CW’s new show iZombie, I’m actually really enjoying the show.  The show isn’t remarkable but most of the characters are quite enjoyable.  My favorite being Ravi (Rahul Kohli).  He’s shaping up to be Liv’s (Rose McIver) bestie moreso than her roommate Peyton (Aly Michalka) because he’s the only human that knows she’s a zombie.

However, last week, we were introduced to a new character.  Lowell Tracy (Bradley James) is a musician who was accused of murdering Liv’s ex-sorority sister.

He pays Liv some special attention which baffles her at first.  Then it is revealed that he is actually a zombie who dyes his hair dark.  I also like that their connection is unsettling to Major (Robert Buckley) which could prove interesting for his storyline as well.

For me, I just kept staring at the guy because, besides the fact that he’s hot and has an English accent, I know I recognized him from somewhere but couldn’t place it.  I had to look it up when it dawned on me that he played King Arthur in the BBC series Merlin.  (Which I have yet to finish.  Arrgh, so many shows, so little time.)  I just didn’t recognize him with the dark hair.

Now I’m so excited that we might be seeing more of Bradley James.  We’ll get to see Liv in a relationship because what we saw of her relationship with Major was so brief.  And it’s a relief that Lowell is a zombie, not only because he knows the secret about Liv, but they could talk and do zombie type of stuff together.  Like go on a taste tour date for the most spiciest meals.  All in all, I give their relationship my blessing.


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