Just Bananas About: Week of 5/1/15

What’s it like for 4 dads to take their 7 kids on vacation together?

It’s been awhile since the dads of Superman Returns all went on a trip together. However, it made sense since there are 2 new families since the show started. Lee Hwi Jae shows his kids how much they’ve grown since the last time all the families went on a trip together.

Uhm Tae Woong is excited to take Ji On there because he wants to show her the Introduction to Architecture house and reenact some of the scenes that he shot there.

However, when it is time to go to the airport, Ji On cries for her mom. It’s quite different from when she started on the show as she was happy to see her mom go.

Sarang remembers her trip with her family and how they saw the dol hareubang statues.

The triplets don’t exactly help their dad pack for the trip but I find it amusing that Song Il Kook has to pack the same thing 3 times. Every time kids go on a trip, they need a lot of clothes and supplies. Multiply that by 3? That looks like you’re moving somewhere.

The families arrive at the airport on the day of the trip. Sarang and Ji On are meeting for the first time and it’s a little awkward between the girls. I love that the triplets are dressed up in newboy caps and trench coats. They are so chic.

J Rabbit – Wonderful World

제이레빗(J Rabbit) – Wonderful World

Immediately, Sarang and Manse are happy to see each other. Lee Hwi Jae comments about how they look like a couple heading off to their honeymoon. Jejudo was known to be the spot that many couple went for their honeymoon. Sarang and Manse laughs knowingly shocking Lee Hwi Jae.

Even as they head to the gate, Manse is not with his brothers but with Sarang and his dad. Sarang even takes care of Manse on the plane as she asks the stewardess for juice as Chu Sung Hoon sadly looks on.

It’s hard taking kids on a trip and I recall a few years ago when I was stuck on a plane to Jejudo with a bunch of kids on a class trip. I would hope that the production crew gave the other passengers on the plane a small gift as a courtesy. And yet, Jejudo is less than an hour away so it’s a very short plane ride.

When they arrive in Jejudo, Lee Hwi Jae is shocked to discover that it is Song Il Kook that will be driving the bus that’ll be transporting the kids. It hasn’t been long since Song Il Kook got his bus driver license but I’m amazed that he came down a week earlier to practice driving around the island. He’s even fitted the mic with lanyard so he could wear it around his neck.

What’s most surprising is that Sarang has found a new boyfriend. She’s not only moved on from Yuto and Manse but she’s now holding hands with Min Guk on the bus.

After a roundabout route, the bus finally arrives at a restaurant. The kids get a chance to see the fresh catches of the day which ignites the curiosity of some of the kids while others look on.

During lunch, the dads have their hands full with so many mouths to feed.

Seo Un would rather eat the baek kimchi than eat the noodles. I find it amusing that Song Il Kook is still attempting to continue on his diet. Like father, like son?

After lunch, Uhm Tae Woong has plans to take her daughter to the beach and have another opportunity to catch octopus. It’s something he did when he was on 1 Night 2 Days. Lee Hwi Jae joins him and it’s hilarious to see Seo Un passing out with his eyes open on the bus.

At the beach, the boys imitate Godzilla as they knock over all the sandcastles that Lee Hwi Jae builds while Ji On spends some quality time splashing in the water with her dad.

Lee Hwi Jae tries to make things fun as he imitates walking like a crab. Seo Joon and even Ji On follow along.

Upon meeting the owner and octopus diving expert that he met while filming 1 Night 2 Days, it’s Lee Hwi Jae who decides to dive into the water while Uhm Tae Woong takes cares of all the kids.

Since the boys start looking for their dad, Uhm Tae Woong bribes the boys with juice and churros as an easy distraction.

Meanwhile, Sarang and the triplets head to the aquarium to meet some dolphins. I think it’s really great that kids can have these hands-on experiences.

The trip continues this Sunday and I can’t wait to see what new adventures the kids will experience with their dads.


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