Just Bananas About: Week of 5/15/15

For the last few months, I’ve been watching Witch Hunt.  I had wanted to watch the show when it first started airing but haven’t had the time.  I got a chance to watch an episode during a slow week and now I have to watch it weekly… even though I still don’t have the time.  Ha.

The show is about people calling or sending in their stories about sex and relationships.  Obviously, it’s not going to be as risqué as Western shows that are similar to the format but still it’s quite interesting to hear.  I’ll admit to being quite a hypocrite because it’s like being a fly on the wall watching someone else’s relationship troubles while I would never submit a story to this show myself.  I have to say that the unfortunate thing about the show is that there are no consistent English language subs out there.  Although, if you speak Chinese there are Chinese subs out there.  I’d be willing to help breakdown or recap a scene if you find it interesting so feel free to comment below.

The show is hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Sung Shi Kyung, Yoo Se Yoon and Heo Ji Woong.  Each episode they invite guests to give their input.  Last week’s guests were 90’s group idol and former Roo’ra member Lee Sang Min and T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung.

Allow me to go off on a tangent for a minute.  Roo’ra was a great idol group in the 90’s and there were many times when I wanted to feature them in one of my Jive Monkey Playlist’s throwback posts.  In fact, because of the success of Infinity Challenge‘s 90’s Special, they would of had a great opportunity to make a comeback themselves if it weren’t for a few unfortunate incidents.  Shin Jung Hwan, who was detained in the Philippines due to gambling debts, was a member of the group for the group’s first album.  He left the group shortly thereafter to serve his time in the military.  It left room for Chae Ri Na to join the group as the female rapper.  However, that wasn’t as bad as Go Young Wook’s crime.  I’ve been uncomfortable about doing a post about them because of this reason.

Apparently the remaining members, Lead Singer Kim Ji Hyun, Chae Ri Na and Lee Sang Min, have their solo activities and still go around performing their old hits as a trio.  It was funny to hear Lee Sang Min talking about how he has a hard time doing the song “100일(日)째 만남 (Dating for 100 Days)”.  Originally, he only says the “diggity” part while the rapping and singing was mainly done by Shin Jung Hwan and Go Young Wook.  I’m sure Chae Ri Na helps out with some of the rapping but it’s still quite difficult as the song doesn’t allow Lee Sang Min to take a breathe if he’s doing more than one part.

Roo’ra – 100일(日)째 만남 (Dating for 100 Days)

룰라 – 100일(日)째 만남

Back to the show, the show is relatively split into 3 parts.  The first features a viewer’s story and relationship problem where the guests weigh in with their thoughts and experience.  The funniest thing about this part is that the hosts read aloud the stories and often act out the parts.  Shin Dong Yup always seems to play the girlfriend while Sung Shi Kyung plays the boyfriend.  The guests will participate as needed if the story requires more people.

For the second part of the show, the viewer tells the story themselves but it mainly deals with figuring out whether it’s a relationships greenlight situation or not.  The hosts and the guests have lightboxes in front of them in which they can vote on the matter.

The first two parts have always been part of the show in some way but recently, they’ve added a new segment 3 weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure how this would play out and it seems that even the show’s producers and cast wasn’t quite how it would play out either.  Ham Eun Jung happened to be a guest that first week and it’s a good thing she was because she set the bar for how this segment would play out.  It freshens up the show in a way because it’s not just about the hosts and the guests sitting around, talking about their own experiences and voting.

So a viewer comes on the show to relay their relationship story and it mostly, at least for these first few weeks, been dealing with whether it’s a greenlight situation.  The hosts have been teasing the maknae writer because her voice is heard on the initial call to the viewer and she sounds incredibly awkward.

Last week’s story featured a guy from Cheonan who has liked one of his friends who is a girl for a long time.  In some ways, it seems like she’s flirting with him but in other ways, she brushes him off.  They’ve been friends through each other’s relationships.  However, he received a letter from her and a picture while he was in the army.  After he got, he suddenly had the desire to pursue something more than being friends but she hasn’t reciprocated.  It’s not like he’s directly confessed but she’s been brushing him off every time he’s in Seoul.  Is she truly busy and/or tired or is he permanently in the friend zone?

This segment of the show has a studio audience.  The audience, host and guests can all vote on whether they think the viewer has a chance or not by lighting up the Greenman.

Viewers not only have to be comfortable with telling the story but making public personal conversations, like the letter and his Kakao Talk messages.  I just recently saw the American TV Upfront trailer for an upcoming CW series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and one anecdote dealt with the insanity over waiting for a text message response.  Kakao Talk is like a different beast as you can tell if they read the message or not.  It adds a whole new layer of insanity if you know they read it and have not sent back a reply. (I see you!  I know you read it!)

The hard thing about the filming is that you don’t know if the viewer’s crush will see or answer back in time before the filming ends.  However, when they do, it’s quite exciting.  You can’t have the Kakao Talk window open because the unread signature will go away and it’ll make you look to eager and desperate.  The great thing about Eun Jung is that she’s quite adept at texting nuances.  They call her the Red Pencil, as in what a teacher uses to mark-up tests and essays, except she edits their Kakao messages.  Actually, I think most girls are better at it in general because we tend to obsess over the most minute details.  What does that extra “k” mean?  Or why is that in CAPS?

You don’t get to see how things end up.  Maybe the viewer will write back and tell the show how everything turned out.  This segment is completely unpredictable but I’m hooked.  It interesting to hear other people talk about their relationship drama and it’s thrilling in a soapy way to see not only if the crush has seen the message but how they’ll respond to the messages after a little coaching from the Witch Hunt panel.  Anyone watch this show?  What do you think about the new segment?


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