Just Bananas About: Week of 5/29/15

Running Man has been having a rough couple of months with games that have gone stale and what seems like the same cycle of guests.  However, I’ve been loving the last few episode because it seems like the games have been given a revamp and the guests have been funny.  I don’t really care if the guests are there to plug a new movie or drama but they have to be funny.

Last Sunday’s theme featured foreigners who were living and working in Korea.  So we had god’s Park Joon Hyung, 2PM’s Nickhun, Henry, Amber, M.I.B’s Kangnam.  However, that wasn’t the thing that drew me to the episode.

The PD informs the group that they will be paired up into teams of duo.  Each pair has to try and win the games but if they are unable to do so, they will get a Running ball.  The Running balls will then be thrown into a machine and a pair will get randomly selected to take on the ultimate punishment.  He then tells the group that the maknae PD has already gone and tested out this punishment.  Judging by the expression on his face, the members determine that the punishment is going to suck.  Big time.

I don’t think they were prepared to see what was in store for them.  The ultimate punishment ends up being bungee jumping… without a cord.  We already know that a few of the guys are afraid of heights but there’s something really terrifying about seeing the POV video from the safety check guy of the cord just being cut.

Even the tough Song Ji Hyo, who jumped off of Macau Tower, looks pretty shocked.  Although, I’m sure she’d jump at the chance to try the cordless jumping if she wasn’t busy with her drama.

But first there are a couple of missions that the group has to surpass.  The group arrives at the SBS offices only to find a crane outside the building.  Immediately, they are told that the punishment for those who don’t win the challenge is that they will have lunch outside.  Those who win have a 5 star lunch inside, staring out at the group outside.

The game has all the members separating.  They need to come up with questions for a trivia game.  The one who comes up with the question gets to ask it to the group.  Ideally, you’d want your partner to get the correct answer to the question.  The only hitch, they all have to dial a number and be the first one to get through in order to answer the question.  If the question is answered correctly, they get to move one of their Running balls into another team’s pile.  The 3 groups with the most balls get to have an outdoor lunch.

I love how the foreigners write their question.  It sometimes comes out as a riddle because they don’t know enough of the Korean language to ask it properly.  Or the spelling is totally incorrect.

However, I get that.  The thing that really had me cracking up is some of the answers to the question.  For example, Henry’s question which was “What comes out of a Canadian tree when you go knock, knock, knock?”  Song Ji Hyo says: “Santa Claus.”  Henry’s confuzzled face says it all.

Or this one takes the cake.  Kim Jong Kook’s question is “What Japanese street food uses octopus legs?” The question is meant for his partner, Kangnam.  However, Yoo Jae Suk answers “Economiyaki.”  If you’re thinking of the Japanese cabbage pancake, it’s called okonomiyaki.  The 2nd opportunity goes to Ji Suk Jin who struggles between two answers but ultimately he answers… “Economiyaki.”  Hahaha.  The correct answer?  Takoyaki.

When Lee Kwang Soo gets one of the questions right, he puts the ball in Gary’s pile.  Gary’s been in a mood all day because of his fear of heights.  He keeps threatening that he’s not joking around and he’s gonna play for real today so they all better watch out.  We all know that Kwang Soo has the traitor gene.  Unfortunately for Gary, his group ends up being one of the groups that’s punish.

The losing teams go outside for their ramyun lunch.  Yoo Jae Suk comments that that is the real punishment for the health nut Jong Kook.

To ease the tension between them, Kwang Soo writes a sign saying that he loves Gary.  Gary responds with, “Ya, it driving me crazy that I can’t curse.”  Haha.

The next mission has them going to the Han River.  Each pair selects the flower showerhead they want to stand under.  One member throws a dart towards a spinning wheel.  Each color represents a number for the showerhead.  If water rains down on the pair, they must swim across the Han River while the winners get to take a yacht across.

Aaah, as much as the Han River is probably a 100 times cleaner than any of the rivers in NY, I just can’t imagine swimming in that water.  Not to mention that the river is pretty wide so there’s a good chance that some of that water could end up in your mouth.  Ewww.

Amber, Haha and Nickhun are pretty quick about swimming across the water as they make it to the other side in approximately 30 minutes.  At one point, Kwang Soo grabs onto Ji Hyo’s hair to pull her across.  Gary sees this and grabs on Kwang Soo’s head.  Aaah bromance.

Once they all make it across, it’s time to select the pair that will be facing the final punishment.  Henry is very lucky to have selected Yoo Jae Suk as they won both missions and therefore they will not have to face the jump.

The honor of the jump goes to Soon-to-Be Groom Park Joon Hyung and his partner Ji Suk Jin.  If Park Joon Hyung wants to back out of his wedding now, this is one way to do it.  (JK – hehe)

I find it hilarious how happy Gary is not to jump.  He’s been donning a permanent stink face all day and this is the first time we’ve seen him smile since the opening.  Yoo Jae Suk announces that he’s treating the group to dinner which makes everyone jump for joy, except Joon Hyung and Suk Jin.  Aww.

The jump is terrifying and yet pretty spectacular.  Just look at their expressions.

Haha.  I hope that Running Man keeps it up with the new and innovative games because I had been missing the thing that made this variety show great.


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