Just Bananas About: Week of 7/3/15

Right off the heels of the Superman Returns crew’s Jejudo trip, the fathers and daughters of Please Look After Father also heads to Jejudo together. However, the mission of last week’s episode has the pairs trying to connect to each other through telepathy.

John Mayer – Daughters

John Mayer – Daughters

At the Kimpo Airport in Seoul, the pairs are given their first mission. The daughters must try and guess their father’s favorite color in order to get a seat next to them on the plane. All of the girls have a difficult time trying to figure what color envelop their dad would pick.

None of the girls end up picking the right color but Ye Rim ends up being the closest. She surmises that her dad, Lee Kyung Kyu, would just pick whatever color is leftover and picks red. Since Yoon Kyung had picked red first, she lets Yoon Kyung go with red while Ye Rim goes with blue. What results is that all the daughters end up with a different dad. Some pairs talk through the whole plane ride down to Jejudo, while others feel bored and awkward.

After landing in Jejudo, the fathers and daughters separate in order to choose which meal the dads would want to eat on the island. The groups pick between Crab Jjambbong (spicy noodle), Boiled Pork, Sea Urchin Seawood Soup and Braised Cutlassfish. This time Ye Rim goes with Jjambbong because she knows that her dad loves Korean-Chinese food. However, Da Eun insists that her dad, Kang Suk Woo, would pick Jjambbong because of his picky eating habits.

In the end, Da Eun wins in a round of Paper, Scissors, Rock so she gets to go to the Korean-Chinese restaurant to have lunch with… Ye Rim’s dad. Hahaha. Da Eun is so quiet that even Lee Kyung Kyu doesn’t know what to say around her. Ye Rim later calls Da Eun on the phone while eating lunch with Da Eun’s dad and says, ‘I was right, wasn’t I?’

As for Yoon Kyung and Hye Jung, they make the right choice and they couldn’t be happier and relaxed to eat with their dads.  After Yoon Kyung returned from school, she’s been trying to diet but all we see on camera is her eating with her dad. I find it even more hilarious that the she adjusts the mic belt around her waist to make room for more food to go in but the belt ends up detaching by itself. There’s something oddly comforting and comical when it comes to watching her eat. Like I shouldn’t really eat that but it looks so delicious that I can’t resist.

After lunch, the group gathers for one of their last missions of the day. Pick the vacation style that the dad would like. Again, there’s a selection of four different courses from trips focused on Health, Healing, Romantic (as in romantic scenery) and Food. Ye Rim surmises that her dad would pick the Health tour because her dad has been feeling under the weather. As all the girls talk about what their dad might pick, Hye Jung listens carefully and ends up picking the Health tour. The reason being? Because she wants to spend some time with Lee Kyung Kyu. Hahaha. Hye Jung has an odd fan crush on Lee Kyung Kyu and since the Parents’ Day special, she hasn’t been able to take her eyes off of him.

Again, they do Paper, Scissors and Rock and loses again. So when Hye Jung shows up and she’s ridiculously ecstatic and Lee Kyung Kyu can only burst into laughter at the sight of her. Lee Kyung Kyu comments how he spent time with all the other girls but she’s the first one who is able to look him straight in the eye.

The nice thing about spending time with another dad is that the daughters is able to talk about things they might not have been able to say to their own dads. Hye Jung even tugs at Lee Kyung Kyu heart by saying that she likes to fish. The look on Lee Kyung Kyu’s face is priceless. She says that she’s done sea fishing but hasn’t been able to catch anything and wants Lee Kyung Kyu to teach her how to fish which he promises that he’ll do one day.

Meanwhile, at the Food tour, Ye Rim meets Hye Jung’s dad, Jo Jae Hyun. At first, Jo Jae Hyun recalls that he came to Jejudo for his honeymoon and relates to Ye Rim the kinds of pictures they took in the 80’s. It is hilarious but so true!

Jo Jae Hyun and Ye Rim are oddly a great pair since Ye Rim is a good drinker. At the popular tourist spot called Yong Doo Am or Dragon’s Head due to the formation of the Jeju volcanic rock that appears to look like a dragon’s head, you can have fresh seafood caught by local female divers and some soju.

Da Eun picks the romantic tour where she meets Jo Min Ki, Yoon Kyung’s dad. He takes her on a scooter ride along the beautiful shorelines of Jejudo at sunset.

Afterwards, Jo Min Ki can’t resist but take pictures of Da Eun. She’s quite shy and awkward. Jo Min Ki tries to ask if there was anything about him that she thought he could improve on in regards to his relationship with Yoon Kyung. Da Eun says frankly that she never thought that to his surprise and relief. Then she clarifies, that she never really thought too much of the other dads. Haha. She sees Jo Min Ki as the type of dad who is more like a friend rather than a dad which is also a compliment in and of itself.

Like father, like daughter, Yoon Kyung takes Kang Suk Woo’s picture at the Healing Tour at Jejudo’s Gotjawal. They take a train ride through the sights and walk barefoot along the red clay roads. Kang Suk Woo and Yoon Kyung talk about a variety of things but she relays in her interview about Kang Suk Woo tries to make the daughters feel at ease.

The Jejudo trip continues this week as the daughters get to spend some time with their own dads.


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