[Review] Ex-Girlfriend Club – 구여친클럽


Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) is a movie producer assigned to adapt a famous webtoon titled, ‘Meet My Girlfriends,’ into a movie. Turns out that the writer of that webtoon is someone she was once close to. Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han) created his webtoon to talk about the different relationships he’s had through the years, characterizing his ex-girlfriends as a cat, lioness and a fox.

Song Ji Hyo is just one of those Korean celebrities I love. I can’t help but watch anything that she’s in. Byun Yo Han also left such a lasting impression in Misaeng that I was curious what his next project would be.

When I heard the quirky plot of this drama, I couldn’t resist watching this pairing. What I wanted was the hilarity of The First Wives Club, I hoped the drama would keep the love lives of a younger generation in mind.

In many ways, the drama does deliver the hilarity with the cast and the various personalities of their characters. I was really surprised to see Lee Yoon Ji play the obsessive Jang Hwa Young, the lioness.

The role just goes to show the commitment Lee Yoon Ji has as an actress as she’s unafraid to play characters that might make her come across as unappealing. It’s not that Hwa Young is an unattractive but her obsessive tendencies make her damn right scary at times.

Her character manipulates most of the plot from granting Soo Jin the funding she needs to keep the project going or putting people in situation that fans the flames of the drama’s love triangle. She’s not a terribly nice character but somehow I ended up pitying her rather than despising her. Plus, she also helps to further the drama’s plot that she’s a necessary part of the story.

As for the other two women in Myung Soo’s life, Ra Ra (Ryu Hwa Young) is your typical sexy fox while Na Ji Ah (Jang Ji Eun) adds a layer of complication that puts a wedge between Myung Soo and Soo Jin. Other than rounding out the group, I didn’t find their characters very dynamic.

On the other hand, I wish we got more of Jo Jung Chi as Soo Jin’s ex-school friend and brother-in-law, Choi Ji Hoon. Who knew that the amusingly frumpy husband of Singer Jung In could act? Sure, he has to deal with being typecasted in a certain type of role but I liked his heart-to-hearts with Soo Jin and their repartee at home. Unlike many other dramas, the heroine didn’t really seem to have that friend who provides the shoulder to lean on and the comedic relief that’s typical of other dramas. As much as you’d like to avoid overused K-drama elements, sometimes it’s necessary to break up the angst in the story.

I also wished we got to see Jo Gun (Do Sang Woo) made a stronger play for Soo Jin’s affections. Unlike the nice guy losing to the bad boy, the situation seemed to be the other way around in this case.

However, Jo Gun’s pride prevented him from trying to win Soo Jin away from Myung Soo. I can only take so much of that churlish attitude before it becomes tiresome and it’s a shame that his character was poorly written.

Still, I hope to keep an eye out for Do Sang Woo in the future because I’ve enjoyed him in the last few projects he’s been in. I was even amused that he guested on Running Man as Song Ji Hyo’s partner. He’s played such acerbic characters in the past that it was weird to see him easily submissive in front of Song Ji Hyo.

At only 12 episodes, you’d think that the story would be tight and the three acts structure would be obvious. However, it seemed that the writers didn’t think past the original concept of the drama. While I was original expecting a 16 episode drama, I’m glad that the drama didn’t try to force 16 episodes on the viewer.



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