Just Bananas About: Week of 7/10/15

My brain tells me that it knows that the plot is heading towards an angsty third act but my heart can’t help falling deeper for the characters in High Society. Similarly, some of the characters had been calculating how their respective relationship would turn out but unsurprisingly, they weren’t prepared for how they would feel about it.  I’m not sure I’m going to feel about it either but for now I’m going to rewatch my favorite scenes and swoon over the screencaps.

Jung Yeop – 눈부신 하루 (Dazzling Day)

정엽 – 눈부신 하루

Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon) always seemed to have the upper hand. He knew exactly where he stood in his relationship with Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Shik).

He went after Jang Yoon Ha (Uee) expecting how her family would respond to the relationship. He’s thought of everything except he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the Yoon Ha who tells me that she doesn’t want her family’s money nor become the heir to the family’s company.

Yoon Ha is busy trying to figure out what her brother knew. Once ignored by her eldest sister, Jang Ye Won (Yoon Ji Hye), she’s turned her eyes towards Yoon Ha, feeling her position at the company threatened by her. Currently, Yoon Ha has no intention of taking over the company. She just wants to help uncover whatever her brother wanted her to find out about the business and then leave.

All along she’s trusted Joon Ki, even when his ex-girlfriend shows up warning her that Joon Ki is not what he seems. However, Yoon Ha’s turning point is when she discovers Joon Ki’s research into her and her background.

Knowing that Joon Ki will have to face Yoon Ha’s wrath, I still can’t help but look forward to this development in her character. She’s been so half-cup full until now even though she’s faced some tremendous hurdles with her family that I’ve always wondered what she’d be like if her good-natured smile disappeared. I guess we’ll find out now.

As for Joon Ki and Chang Soo, despite their fallout, Joon Ki proved that Chang Soo had always drawn a line in their relationship. So Chang Soo can’t help but reassess the other relationships around him. I love the scene in which Lee Ji Yi (Im Ji Yeon) scolds him for having Joon Ki as a friend and yet looking down on him. It’s not how Yoon Ha sees her. However, in the back of his mind, Chang Soo knows that Joon Ki has been plotting for Yoon Ha’s affection.

Chang Soo’s mother finally comes between Chang Soo and Yi Ji. Yi Ji was prepared for this but didn’t expect it to come so soon. She promises to back off from Chang Soo but when she sees him she doesn’t have the courage to break it off.

When her mother makes a second appearance telling Yi Ji that Chang Soo will lose everything, she decides to tell him again. She does and he agrees that it’s time to break it off.

This has got to be my favorite scene this week. She tears up and they each tell each other to go ahead and leave first but they’re unable to take a step away. Chang Soo sheds a single tear and just as Yi Ji looks up, it starts to rain, so much so that she’s not clear if she saw the tear or assumes that it was a raindrop that fell. The two use the rain as an excuse not to break up and they take their relationship to the next level.

Finally, competing for the worst parents in the world, there is Yoon Ha’s mom (Go Doo Shim) and dad (Yoon Joo Sang). They both surprised me this week though as we discover that Yoon Ha’s dad not only is slightly resistant to the idea of divorce but that he actually has feelings. His wife’s assumes that he hasn’t even shed a tear for their missing, presumed dead, son but he’s hidden his sorrow all along. As for Yoon Ha’s mom, she’s only viewed her son in a positive light and I’ve disliked how much she’s mistreated Yoon Ha. The drama really needs to provide a concrete reason for her disdain for Yoon Ha because it is crucial their relationship will be viewed.

Having said that, Joon Ki’s mom was always warm with Yoon Ha, even after she found about her family and status but I’m curious how their relationship will change now that Yoon Ha feels betrayed by Joon Ki.

The drama does a great job in making these characters and their situation absorbing.  They all calculated what hurdles they might face and yet they were naïve about how they’d feel about when they came upon that hurdle. The drama is also providing a lot of food for thought about the idea of class and I hope the story continues to break down the barriers and provide us more twists in the third act.


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