Just Bananas About: Week of 7/24/15

I got into King of Masked Singers only a few weeks back but even I couldn’t help up but get swept up into guessing the singers behind each mask. One question that’s been plaguing audiences is the identity of CBR Cleopatra. The answer has finally been revealed this week. If you haven’t seen the episode or don’t want to be spoiled, be warned. Spoilers Abound.

But first, there were a lot of challengers who aimed at trying to take CBR Cleopatra down. One such challenger is Song King Tungki who wears a football outfit and what looks like a mask with a volleyball on his head.

Last week, he sang his duet with Cultwo’s Kim Tae Kyun. Even though they were supposed to be competing with each other, they had such great chemistry that it riled up the audience in their rendition of “달빛 창가에서 (At the Moonlit Window)”.

This week, he changed his voice up for “Kim Kyung Ho’s 나를 슬프게 하는 사람들 (People Who Make Me Sad)”. He sounded so much like Kim Kyung Ho that it was bound to get one confused despite the fact that Kim Kyung Ho would probably try to avoid singing his own song. Then he changed it up again for the ballad, “흐린 기억 속에 그대 (You in a Vague Memory).

As for CBR Cleopatra, he went outside his comfort song and take Kim Gu Ra’s suggestion to sing pansori. He came out in a hanbok to sing a traditional folk song called “한 오백년 (For 500 Years)”.

It’s quite amazing to watch and I wanted to vote for CBR Cleopatra again for not only challenging himself with his song choice but doing an amazing job at it.

Ultimately though, Song King Tungki won the competition. And after over two months, the identity of CBR Cleopatra is finally revealed.

In the beginning, it felt like he tried to disguise his distinctive voice when singing “The Phantom of the Opera”. However, I don’t think he expected to win. So eventually he started singing in his own voice.

Not to mention that we got see a peek of throbbing vein in his neck which is also distinctive of Kim Yeon Woo as well. Yes, fans analyzed the videos over and over again.

I think many fans have guessed that it was Kim Yeon Woo but, as Kim Gu Ra commented, even knowing that it was him, he was so enjoyable to listen to that we didn’t mind knowing. I concur.

Kim Yeon Woo – 그리운 노래 아리요 (Ariyo, a Song I Long For)

김연우 – 그리운 노래 아리요

My favorite song he sang for the competition ended up being one that he sung before I even started watching this competition program. However, he was not only good but he just seemed to be in his element and got the audience to groove along with him. He even did a little cute dance which made me chuckle only because I’m so used to seeing him sing ballads and not dancing beyond the two-step. Ha.

What’s even funnier is, as Kim Yeon Woo relays in his interview, he had to keep this secret so long that he couldn’t even tell his mom. One day in his apartment building, he was riding silently down an elevator with a couple. It was all quiet in the elevator until the couple gets off and turns back around. They go, ‘It’s you, right? Cleopatra, right?’ To which, Kim Yeon Woo is so surprised that he just went, ‘What?’ and then denied it. Hahaha.

Must be so hard to keep a secret when everyone is looking at you. Oooh, Kim Yeon Woo.  It was a good ride while it lasted.  This weekend, I’m eager to see the new challengers that’s planning to take on Song King Tungki.


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