Just Bananas About: Week of 8/7/15

This week, it seemed to be about all the guy celebrities who “쩔어 (Zutter)”.  They’re funny, they’re cute, they’re talented, and that’s why we love them.

Big Bang is back with the final single in their MADE series.  And I think what makes them big stars is not only because they make catchy music. They also bring a lot of humor and exude a lot of youthful energy that makes it so enjoyable to watch them.

I was also amused to see that when they released their music videos, Tablo responded in kind by retweeting the post with amusing, witty comments like:


(“Want to love you” – as retort for the song title.)

That’s YG love for ya. “우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall in Love)” doesn’t feel new or unique. In fact, it sounds like a more upbeat “If You” but it feels familiar and I don’t hate it either. Ha Yun Soo and Seo Ye Ji are featured in the music video. Coincidentally, they were both on the sitcom Potato Star together. I don’t recognize the other girls in the video though.

However, I do love the cinematography of the video with its pastel theme palette. I like how the scenes go from light and happy to the picturesque rainy sequence. I guess, on the one hand, it’s supposed to reflect sadness but a part from the lyrics the song doesn’t feel like a downer. Rather the song feels contemplative.

빅뱅(Bigbang) – 우리 사랑하지 말아요

The other song definitely more entertaining and it brings GD & TOP back together as a duo. The rhymes in “쩔어 (Zutter)” are off the hook with its double meanings and witticisms.

However, I find that the slang word is really hard to translate into English. I couldn’t quite pinpoint where the root of the word comes from as some sources say that it’s extended from Incheon area used when you’re in awe of someone or something. In that sense, “Awesome” is probably the closest meaning to the word. Other sources say that it extends from the word, “절다 (jeol da),” which is used when you marinate or season food. In this case, “쩔어” can mean “very much” or “to have a lot of”. You have a lot of style or you have a lot of class.

However you translate the word into English, GD & TOP certainly redefine cool. Unlike “우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall in Love),” “쩔어 (Zutter)” is shot with a gritty, noir vibe. And yet, being the characters that they are, they are hilarious at the same time.

빅뱅(Bigbang) – 쩔어 (GD & T.O.P)


I know that I just talked about Healing Camp last week but the thing that makes me like the show is when you don’t know who the guest is going to be. And low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was Leessang’s Gary who followed Hwang Jung Min.  Of course, I was then disappointed when I saw news reports come out saying that ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, Park Hyung Shik and Im Shi Wan are the next guests. I think it’s fine if the show creates previews to get viewers to watch the show. After all, the show has already been filmed but there’s nothing like keeping the guests a secret from the audience members as they will be encouraged to stay on their toes. Just my opinion.

But back to Gary, there were definitely a lot of laughs from, starting even before Gary comes out. The show had asked the audience members to send their most embarrassing pictures when this guy sent a picture of himself kissing a mirror. A princess mirror to be exact. Then he goes on to say that he hopes IU comes out and professes his love for her. Lol. Audience members can be quite the characters, too. However, I don’t think there was no love lost when Gary came out.

Of course, the first and foremost question that we all wanted to know is how he really feels about Song Ji Hyo. After all, they’ve been caught on camera looking very couple-y. Gary says that he’s never called Song Ji Hyo outside of work. The audience member asking the question about Song Ji Hyo is a big Song Ji Hyo fan and he was really good at providing Gary the third degree. Even when Song Ji Hyo was on the phone line, she answered the question the same way. That the Monday couple relationship is just work.

We used to seeing Gary being silly on Running Man but I love that we also got to see him take on some serious questions. Like a fan mentioning how he wasn’t going to ever do a variety show and mocked those celebrities that did variety show, she disliked him now because he changed his mind. Gary maturely responded that he understood where the fan was coming from and that he would have probably felt the same way. Except when he had said that comment, he was in his rebellious phase. When he first met the Running Man PD, he didn’t have any intent of being on the show but they became friends and so he had decided to give it a try.

Mostly, Gary’s episode was a lot of fun and laughs. He talked about how he loves going to clubs and discussed how many girlfriends he’s had over the years (only 6). And Lee Kwang Soo came on the show to answer some questions as well and liven up the mood. I find it amusing that Gary and Kwang Soo gave advice to a nagging mom and rebellious teenager. These two are the poster child for being jokester and rebelling that it’s so amusing to see them telling the mom to let her teenage daughter just be. Haha.

Gary even told a story about when they first met. Haha, Gary and Kwang Soo all decided to go out in order to get closer to each other since they were all on Running Man. They got so drunk that they ended up sleeping at Haha’s place that night but on the ride over to Haha’s Kwang Soo had thrown up all over Gary’s car, including the ceiling. He just chose to keep it secret because he was embarrassed. The next morning, Kwang Soo offered to clean it up with his undershirt and thus started a beautiful friendship. Lol.

Finally, the show has a best MC segment and that honor ends up going to a middle-aged couple. The couple was shown earlier in the program because of their affection for each other. When the subject matter came up about Gary’s explicit lyrics, the husband was asked to read “조금 이따 샤워해 (Shower A Bit Later)”. It’s like hearing your dad read those lyrics. It was weird at first but then it became amusing and somewhat romantic as he kept looking down at his wife. Who knew? Lol.

Gary – 조금 이따 샤워해 (feat. Crush)

We then learn how the couple came to be an audience member at the program. They left their son with a family member. They don’t go into much detail but to say that their son can’t really talk or hear and has an intellectual disability but they feel blessed because their son smiles all the time. Their daughter is now attending school for special education so that she could help disabled people in the future. Despite their hardships, I love that their able to keep a light spirit.


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