Just Bananas About: Week of 8/14/15

So I wasn’t able to make it out to LA again this year but I literally just finished watching the M! Countdown of the show in LA.  It looked like a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll be able to make it out to the West Coast again next year.  However, KCON NY (or KCON NJ) was a blast as well.  I got a brand new camera just for the occasion and lots of pics and videos to share!

My day started off with driving to Jersey and checking in.  The panel I was in, Rise of the Acting Idol, kicked things off as the first panel of the day.

From suggestions provided by my fellow panelists, Tanya Rodriguez, Stephanie Kurze, Joan McDonald and Angie Mills, I edited a video to represent all sides of idol acting. The folks who were able to make it out to KCON LA & NY got the first exclusive look at it but I also wanted share here too. We discussed everything from the good, the bad and the ugly side of idol actors but mostly we gushed about Lee Joon’s acting.

After the panel, I checked out some of the booths and even stopped by the Crazy Korean Cooking tent.  I was unable to attend their workshop as they were next door doing their demonstration at the same time we were doing our panel.  But I got some free sauces and look at the spicy bulgogi and delicious ssamjang!

I also poked my head in at the Sokoglam workshop as I am obsessed about Korean beauty products.  Who better to provide insight than Charlotte Cho?

I was also lucky enough to get fan engagement tickets to Teen Top.  I’ve never been to one before so I was curious.  They seemed a bit jetlagged and I bet they couldn’t wait to take a quick nap before the concert.

Some of the fans got to greet them in the hi-touch and just as the group was about to turn and leave the stage, one last hi-touch latecomer ran up on the stage to greet them.

When I was at the fan engagement, I wasn’t sure if Niel was looking down to see what his gift was.  But now that I’ve seen the picture, I know that he’s bowing 90 degrees.  Orrr maybe he’s bowing 90 degrees and looking to see his gift?

And after some much needed Dino BBQ and R&R myself, it was finally time to head indoors for the concert.  Starting off the evening’s festivities, Tiffany from Girls’ Generation looked dazzling in her white lace dress.  The booties?  I’m not so sure.

Here are some musical highlights and fancams:


I think Hongbin needs a nap.

“이별공식 (Formal Farewell)” is a cover of my favorite song by R.ef.  A) Yes, that’s my voice you can hear on the video.  B) Sorry about that.  Couldn’t help it. 😉

Who wants to be in the middle of the VIXX coccoon?


Teen Top

The red and blue suits were a really great combination and pop of color.  It was one of my favorite collaboration of outfits for the night.

Selfie Time!  Just because VIXX’s Hyuk, N and Ravi wanted to take a pic with all of us.  Kimchee!

Special Stage

Update: Oops.  I honestly couldn’t make out any of the English so had no idea what the song was.  Sorry, guys but I’d be happy to give you English language lessons. 🙂

Girls’ Generation

I literally sighed aloud because they were so goddamn pretty.  I’ve seen them live before but they looked especially gorgeous tonight.

I won’t lie.  I have to admit that I really did feel Jessica’s absence, especially during the older numbers where you could totally tell where her part was, but I was still happy to see all the current members there.  Last year, Sooyoung was missing due to the fact that she was busy filming her drama.

They didn’t perform “Run Devil Run” but when a fan screamed out the title of their favorite song, Tiffany and Seohyun didn’t hesitate to pay them some fanservice.

The night ended with all the groups coming out to greet the fans.  Four groups weren’t nearly enough and I have to admit that I saw half of these groups last year in LA.  However, I enjoyed the songs that they song that I forgot all about that when they came out.  If you haven’t already done so, check out the broadcast of the M! Countdown Feelz in LA.  (Yeah, that’s literally the title.)  The NY concert will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday at 5pm KST.

Is that VIXX’s Hyuk and Ken doing a little tidying up for next year’s show?  Hope to see you next year!


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