Mmmusings… – It’s a Semi-1N2D Reunion!

The first teaser trailer is out for Na PD’s new internet variety show, New Journey to the West.  Except it feels like an extended trailer.  So yay!

As you might be aware, Na PD got back together with some of his 1 Night 2 Days cohorts, Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun and Eun Ji Won.  They were recently spotted at the airport heading for China to film New Journey to the West.  The title of the show comes from the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West.  I’m not exactly sure how the novel ties into the book except that most of the members had their share of scandals and perhaps this trip is a journey to atone for some of their sins.  At least, that’s what the Chinese novel seemed to be about.

The trailer starts with Kang Ho Dong asking what an internet broadcast is.  Kang Ho Dong, being a bit old school, wonders aloud if he’d be able to watch it.  To which, Eun Ji Won responds, “My dad, too.  He said, ‘Hey, it’s been a long time since you all got together to do something, right?  Where are you doing it?’  Can’t watch it.  Dad, you can’t watch it.”  Looks like the boys are looking to get into some mischief which is totally appropriate.  As a sidenote, I’m also amused that they’re using TEAM Zico & Paloalto’s (affectionately known as Team ZiPal) “거북선 (Turtle Ship)” from Show Me the Money 4.

The show itself feels very typical of Na PD.  Foreign or scenic backdrops and games.  Lots of games.  He does a round of name various chicken chains and all the members name one after another.  When Na PD returns back to Kang Ho Dong, he gets all flustered and just answers yangnyeom chicken (or seasoned fried chicken).  The caption reads: Ho Dong hyung wants to yangnyeom chicken.  I love that the camera pans to Eun Ji Won after Ho Dong’s answer and quickly pans back like, ‘Whaaa? Hold up.’

I’m not sure what the mission or game is but Lee Su Geun suggests to the guys that the punishment should be cutting their hair.  Next thing we know, it’s Lee Su Geun getting his hair cut on the street wondering if he still has his ears because of the lady is fiercely cutting close to them.

At one point, Lee Seung Gi asks, “It’s not like you’re not gonna feed us this time, right?” I immediately think, “Oooh Seung Gi.  Why even ask that?  Do you not know Na PD after all these years?”  Cut to a chopstick picking up some noodles.  It’s Na PD eating on camera with Eun Ji Won watching.  He complains, “Do you really have to eat that in front of me?”  The smirk on Na PD’s face is priceless.

The show seems to have a Youth Over Flowers vibe but I’m hoping that Na PD brings something new to this show.  Aaah, whatevs.  Just seeing these four makes me feel nostalgic.  If Kim Jong Min weren’t tied up with doing the currently running 1N2D and MC Mong still wasn’t avoiding doing television, it would have been perfect.  (I know, technically not the original cast but that’s when I started 1N2D.)  However, this is most nearly perfect.  The show premieres Friday, September 4th online at Naver TVcast. Can’t wait!


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