Just Bananas About: Week of 10/16/15

I’ve kinda been looking forward to Because It’s The First Time mainly because I’ve been watching Jo Hye Jung on Please Look  After Father.  It’s great that after many failed auditions we get to see her take on this role.  In the words of Jo Hye Jung, ‘Woohoo!!’

Plus, I generally like all of the other cast members.  While I am cautious about how I’ll feel about the drama by the end of its run, so far the drama has been quite delightful.

The drama is about young adults in their 20’s who are just figuring out about life and love.  Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho) hosts his rooftop as a hangout for his five friends who grew up together.  His dad is a business man who owns property so he’s always been well off.  While his childhood friend, Han Song Yi (Park So Dam) lost her dad at a young age and her mom has made a series of bad financial decisions.

Song Yi is unaware that Tae Oh has harbored a crush on her since high school.  He’s always been there for her when she’s been down.  However, Song Yi now has a crush on their friend, Seo Ji Ahn (Kim Min Jae).  Ji Ahn’s dad owns a small fried chicken shop and Ji Ahn makes ends meet by picking up several part-time jobs.

While I dislike the fact that Song Yi is just another Candy-type that we see so often in dramas, I like that she and Ji Ahn have that in common.  Tae Oh certainly never tries to make his friends feel uncomfortable about situations over money but he also can’t help who his dad is either.  Especially considering that Tae Oh’s dad owns the building housing Ji Ahn’s dad chicken shop, the group handles it by avoiding the topic altogether.

Another thing that Tae Oh avoids is his feelings for Song Yi.  He cannot logically comprehend why he’s attracted to her or why he feels obligated to her.  He is always that constant in Song Yi’s life.

And yet, it’s very telling when Song Yi ends up at the police station and he leaves a pretty girl to help Song Yi out.  Song Yi only ends up there when she picks up the suicide hotline while walking on the bridge.  It’s not that she had any intention of jumping off of it but she had been going through a hard time and just needed a comforting voice to converse with.

What’s so amusing about this scene are the cameo appearances by Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min playing cops.  They tell her that she needs to call a friend to pick her up because you obviously don’t want to leave a supposedly depressed person by herself.  She tries to prove that she’s not that depressed by dancing to Sistar’s “Touch My Body”.  Lol.  Amused, they take a video of her and I love that Jung Kyung Ho asks if she could dance to Girls’ Generation.  (Jung Kyung Ho is dating SNSD’s Choi Soo Young.)

When Tae Oh arrives at the police station, the cops admit that they let Song Yi go.  However, they mistakenly inform Tae Oh that Song Yi has a crush on him.  It leaves him positively giddy.

As for Choi Hoon (Lee Yi Kyung) and Oh Ga Rin (Jo Hye Jung), they’re pretty adorable to watch.

We learn early on that Hoon keeps getting kicked out of his house in his underwear.  It happens so often that the others mess with him whenever they can.

However, it’s because Hoon is seen as a slacker by his family.  Hoon dreams of becoming a musical actor on the stage.  Ga Rin seems to have a soft spot for Hoon and it seems to me that we should expect the two to end up together.  From the previews, it seems like there will be a few bumps along the way such as Ga Rin dealing with some issues herself and harboring a crush on Tae Oh?

The show itself is filled with colorful graphics and banal plot points.  While I love seeing funny cameos by familiar faces such as Hong Suk Chun and Im Yoon Ah, it’s just another gimmick to grab viewers’ attention.

Currently, I’m unimpressed with that aspect of the drama but I get that it’s OnStyle’s first attempts at scripted programming so they perhaps wanted to play things safe.  For now, I’m enjoying the adorable cast, who all seemingly has good chemistry with each other so far.  I’m cautiously optimistic that even if the show does not deliver with a unique story or perspective, the actors will make me care enough about the characters to keep watching.  It just seems like an easy 8 episode drama to consume.


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