Just Bananas About: Week of 10/23/15

There is usually a point I reach with most dramas when I get weary of the storyline and the choices the characters make. It’s the angsty point in the drama when the OTP sacrifice their feelings for one another for what seems like trivial reasons. For She Was Pretty, I’m delighted to see that that’s not the case. And thankfully, the baseball game did not make us wait another week to get our usual double dose of episodes.

The episode picks up from last week when Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) goes on a desperate search for Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) fearing that she got into a car accident. When he finds her safe and sound, he is so relieved that he immediately hugs her. Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Si Won) also arrives on the scene a second too late to find that Sung Joon there with her. Unfortunately, he crashed his motorcycle while riding in the rain due to the slippery conditions.

As Sung Joon offers to take Hye Jin home, they both cannot stop thinking about what had just occurred and the silence in the car is deafening. Hye Jin turns on the radio in order to break up the silence but all the songs happen to about hugging or embracing.  (One of which is 10cm’s “안아줘요 (Hug Me)”, best use of the song ever!)

10cm – 안아줘요 (Hug Me)

10cm – 안아줘요

After he drops her off at home, she realizes her feelings for him and she finally gains the courage to tell him the truth. However, he drives off right as she turns around and so she heads to his apartment that night. Unfortunately, she sees her best friend, Min Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee), and realizes that Sung Joon is the guy that Ha Ri is in love with.

In utter shock, Hye Jin wanders around town until Shin Hyuk finds her. Instead of confronting Ha Ri, Hye Jin decides to wait for her friend to come to her when she’s ready. She knows that Ha Ri had been having a hard time dealing with the burden of the situation by herself and she was the one who had put Ha Ri in the situation in the first place so Hye Jin decides that she’s gonna wait for Ha Ri to come to her.

The situation from that night has made Hye Jin feel awkward around Sung Joon so she tries to avoid being alone with him at every turn. Sung Joon may not quite understand his feelings for Hye Jin but he’s open to talking to Hye Jin to figure out what it is about her that pulls him towards her. It just makes Hye Jin more nervous as she’s already become aware of her feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Shin Hyuk has been secretly going to the hospital to treat his injuries from the motorcycle accident. Even though Hye Jin finds out that he’s been hurt, he doesn’t reveal that he got hurt because he was racing to save her.

However, he does meet with Ha Ri and tells her that Hye Jin has found out about everything and is patiently trusting and waiting for her best friend to come to her.

When Hye Jin does eventually find out about how Shin Hyuk got his injuries, she races out to find him and he confesses that he cares for her. I can see why Hye Jin never believed in his feeling for her.  He jokes around so much that it’s hard to take him seriously but here she can finally see his earnestness.  Unfortunately for Shin Hyuk, she turns him down.

As for Ha Ri, she had decided to tell Sung Joon the truth, even writing him a letter explaining everything because she worries that she wouldn’t be able to have the courage to say it aloud when she is in front of him. Unfortunately for her, he arrived early at her workplace and saw her real name and picture. She can only manage to stammer out that she’s sorry and how she wasn’t planning to deceive him for this long but he storms off. He races to find the real Kim Hye Jin and realizes that his heart has known all along.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon meet and she regrets not being honest from the very beginning and they both promise that they would look forward with no regrets.

I love how the cinematography of their happy reunion almost reflect Renoir’s impressionist style of painting.

In the midst of the happy reunion, Hye Jin remembers Ha Ri and learns that Ha Ri wasn’t the one who told Sung Joon the truth.  She races home to check on her to find Ha Ri pretending that nothing is wrong but Hye Jin discovers the letter that Ha Ri planned to give Sung Joon. She realizes that Ha Ri’s feelings for Sung Joon was a lot deeper than what she originally thought. It’s confirmed when she finds Ha Ri crying along outside.

The following day Sung Joon greets Hye Jin warmly only to find her brushing him off. He doesn’t understand it and want to hear a reason why. Hye Jin tries to pretend that nothing is wrong and it just seems to hurt Sung Joon’s feeling even more.

Just as Sung Joon is pressing Hye Jin to tell her the truth, Hye Jin is pressing Ha Ri for some honesty as well. Everything comes to a head in Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s relationship so Hye Jin decides to go to her parents.

Sung Joon shows up unwilling to give up on Hye Jin and she reveals how much Ha Ri was in love with him. She tells him that Ha Ri is an important person in her life, just like her family, just like Sung Joon, so she doesn’t want to hurt her more if she can. They agree to put their relationship on hold as long as Hye Jin promises not to run away from Sung Joon.

Damien Rice – Delicate

Damien Rice – Delicate

Unfortunately for them, a hurt and dejected Shin Hyuk decides to leave Most Magazine and Ha Ri also decides to leave Hye Jin for her birth mom in Japan leaving Hye Jin heartbroken.

The love square in this drama is such a delicate situation as there are various levels of relationships at stake. One of the most important relationships in this drama is Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s long friendship. They’ve been through so much together that I think it was important that Hye Jin was willing to sacrifice her feelings for Sung Joon because Ha Ri was entwined in that mess. You know the saying: Sistas before mistas. Perhaps that the real OTP of the drama and suddenly that’s a twist that I didn’t mind seeing.

However, I also think that Hye Jin knew what it felt like to be the Peeping Girl as she watched Ha Ri together with Sung Joon.  Knowing that, I could see why Hye Jin is reluctant to now make Ha Ri feel that way as well.  As for Ha Ri, I wonder if history is repeating itself as we’ve learned that Ha Ri’s mom disappeared from Ha Ri’s life in order to run away from her problems.  Ha Ri seems to be doing the same.

I also liked that as soon as Shin Hyuk found out that Hye Jin knew that Ha Ri was continuing to see Sung Joon, he didn’t waste time in telling Ha Ri about it. I like that he’s a second lead who doesn’t hold back when it’s really important. I really hate it when the second lead knows that their crush doesn’t like them back and passive aggressively thwarts the OTP’s from getting together. The cowardly act of those second leads makes it more of reason why you weren’t meant to be with the heroine. In this way, Shin Hyuk may not get Hye Jin’s heart but he was a worthy contender.

On a positive note, I just can’t get over Sung Joon’s adorableness in this drama.  (Sidenote: I can’t believe how big DingDong has gotten since I last saw him on Greatest Love.  Aww, DingDong.  I hope you never change.)  I like that he was forgiving of Hye Jin because if anyone can understand being insecure about your looks, Sung Joon can.  And although he was hurt, he didn’t allow Hye Jin the opportunity to play noble idiot.


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