Just Bananas About: Week of 10/30/15

Last Sunday’s Running Man has got to be one of their most expensive sets ever.  This week’s episode featured a maze and the set design was incredibly elaborate.  While the set design was amazing (ha, get it?), I also loved that the episode felt like an old school episode with just our core cast.

The episode starts off with the Running Man crew being treated to a big meal.  After eating, Ji Suk Jin says, ‘You know, they usually feed cows a big meal before leading them to slaughter.’  Ha, he’s not wrong.  Soon after, a masked man enters the room and gives them their mission.  The group is invited to a “party”.

The group take a limousine to a warehouse where they enter a library with a big screen.  Each member enters the room one by one and they are asked a question by a masked man.  For Haha, the question is, “Do you like Michael Jordan or Bob Marley better?”  For Gary, “Out of your songs, do you like ‘Ballerino’ better or do you like ‘Get Some Air’“?  It’s kind of like asking who do you love more, your mom or your dad.  Lol.  Depending on their answer, they will either be directed to the room on their left or the room on their right.

The room on the right takes them to a big room with large furniture fit for a giant.  The room on the left takes them to a small with miniaturized furniture.  As soon as the group gathers, the members take in their surroundings and immediately begin to suspect a spy amongst the group.

In order to get out of the room, the group currently in the room must all complete the mission so that only one person can get out.  The first mission, each group must use the red “marbles” to knock out all the blue “marbles” in the circle.  Except the marbles in the big room are the size of the big exercise balls and the marbles in the small room are the size of BB pellets.  Haha immediately comments how much easier it would be if they are in the small room but I’m not so sure.  The members in the small room become easily frustrated due to the size of the room and the furniture.  What’s even funnier is that there are small chairs that make a squeaky noise every time someone sits on them.

One by one, the members make it out of the room but they are faced with different types of mazes, from a crawling maze to a door maze to a circular maze.  The members try to wander through trying to find their way out.  Ha, you’d think the VJ’s would have been somewhat prepared as you’d hope the staff prepares them for what they’re about to face but I guess not.  Yoo Jae Suk tries to make his way through the grid-like door maze and he and his VJ, Ryu Kwon Ryeol get separated.

The members wade through the various mazes but soon find out that they are not alone.  There are hunters in the maze and when they get caught, they are brought into another room with another activity they must complete.

This week’s mission just seems to look endless as the members are repeatedly caught and forced to complete another room mission.  It all makes sense as to why they were fed so well at the beginning of the day as it would take them hours to get anywhere.  We learn that the mastermind behind this week’s mission is Lee Kwang Soo.

It’s payback for the episode called, “Lee Kwang Soo Day,” where all the missions revolved around our beloved maknae traitor.  Not only did the crew show up at his apartment unannounced as he was brushing his teeth but they went through the day’s missions and made him believe that he had won.  Only to have Jae Suk and Suk Jin show up on the day of the broadcast for a live feed of a stunned Kwang Soo learning that he’d been living a lie for two weeks since the filming.  Not only that but the crew often teases their favorite maknae all the time and even during this mission, Jae Suk doesn’t hold back in saying that he has to promote his “new sashimi film”.  (The film is called Collective Invention in which he’s dressed in a fish costume.)  So Kwang Soo has vowed to get revenge on the crew.

He showed up 2 days before the filming to see the sets and requests that they build him escape routes.  He even has a room with snacks and monitors for him to relax and spy on the other members.  And the password to get into the room?  Asia Prince.  Lol.

However, the crew is pretty savvy and try different tactics in order to cease the endless cycle of missions.  They rip off one of the hunter’s name tag and discover a hint on the identity of the spy.

They also think back to the first room.  Kim Jong Kook had seen the clocks on the wall with the different time zones but notices that the minutes aren’t the same.  He notices that the clock for Seoul and Singapore, both Asian countries kind of look like Korean consonants.  It’s actually a hint for the consonants in Kwang Soo’s name.  When Haha is returned to the big room, his mission is to put the books on the shelf in a certain order.  The titles of the books all happen to have “prince” in the title.  There are multiple of other hints from the names of the rooms to the designs in the room.

As for Kwang Soo, he must get the rest of the crew into the final room without stepping in the room himself.  However, the crew is already onto him and push him into the room.

In the end, Kwang Soo loses as they drag him into the room and he reluctantly shows them the secret room.  As punishment, the crew have him go through the crawling maze.  It’s not easy to crouch down but since Kwang Soo is so tall, I would imagine it’s harder for him.  On the other side, the crew wait for him to do the final slate on his forehead.  Lol.  They make him count to 3 himself and before he can even get to 3, Jae Suk slaps him on the forehead, knocking him down.  It sounds like it hurt but I’m sorry, it’s freakin’ hilarious to watch.  Kwang Soo didn’t get the revenge he wanted but I’m sure he’ll use another opportunity to try and get payback.


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