Just Bananas About: Week of 11/6/15

I sang.  I danced.  I jumped up and down.  I felt like a teenager again.  Last week, I went to the K-Pop 90’s Legend Concert.  I hemmed and hawed over the ticket price but then thought, ‘When am I going to see these guys live like this again?’  I’m so glad I did because it was a lot of fun!

I have to kinda apologize to the white girl who was standing next to me.  She was such a good sport.  She came with her friend who was Korean.  From their conversation, I don’t think she even listens to today’s K-Pop so this was probably a whole new world for her.  However, she danced and clapped along.  She probably glanced over at me several times wondering what crazy fangirl she was standing next to.  Ha!  Hope she had a good time though.

Anyways, I don’t even jump up and down or even stand up (unless, I have to) for today’s K-Pop artists.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to stand up for this concert either, much less dance.  I figured everyone coming to this thing would be around my age or older and we like sitting.  That’s why I purposely avoid General Admission tickets as much as possible.  Even with seats, we all stood for the whole 2 – 2 ½ hour concert.  Who knew I had the energy in me?

Kim Won Joon started off the night.  I didn’t take any video of his performances.  I do have one of his albums but I think I really only remember the song “Show” because he sings it all the time.  However, I’m always amazed by how good he looks after all these years.  He has not aged at all.

Next up, there’s Cool.  It’s a 3 person group made up of Lee Je Hoon as the lead singer, Kim Sung Soo as the rapper and Yuri as the female singer.  Unfortunately, Yuri couldn’t join the boys due to being pregnant and her impending due date.  Still, Kim Sung Soo tried his best with Yuri’s parts.

R.ef is my favorite group from the 90’s.  It’s amazing how I can’t remember what I did yesterday but I still manage to remember all the lyrics to their songs.  Even the rap.  This is also a 3 person group made up of Lee Sung Wook as the lead singer, Sung Dae Hyun as the rapper/back-up singer and Park Chul Woo as the rapper/dancer.  Sung Dae Hyun is still in the entertainment business and Lee Sung Wook still makes the entertainment rounds occasionally.  Outside of the entertainment business, I believe Lee Sung Wook owns and runs a KBBQ place.  Park Chul Woo has mainly stayed out of the spotlight.  He was already 30 when he debuted with R.ef  while the rest of the members were in their early 20’s.  Every time they try to get the group together, he is typically known for backing out at the last minute because it’s tiring.  I don’t blame him but I was incredibly surprised to see the 3 show up for Chuseok special this year featuring 90’s artists called Again.  I was worried that he wouldn’t show up to this concert but I squealed like a little girl when he did.  It’s not like he was my favorite member in the group but there’s something about seeing the entire group together that completes me.

Clon.  I always have a soft spot in my heart for Clon.  Not only did I love their music back in the day.  I think everyone was shocked when they hear about Kang Won Rae’s motorcycle accident.  He debuted as a back-up dancer and he was incredibly talented as a dancer that it was a sad day in K-Pop history when we learned he was paralyzed from the waist down.  However, even though he can’t dance like he did back then, I will always be glad to see him in the spotlight.  Plus, his partner Koo Jun Yup (aka DJ Koo) does a great performance with glowsticks.  I’m so glad that I got to see it live.

He’s the only ballad singer touring with the group but I actually like Jo Sung Mo’s ballad more than I like “다짐 (I Swear),” the fast number he sang on Infinity Challenge.  However, I should say that that didn’t stop me from screaming loudly when he did sing this song.  Lol.  I do love his debut song “To Heaven”.  I was quite amused that they even showed the music video which features a young Lee Byung Hun (the other actor in the video is Heo Joon Ho).

Now a lot of the newer K-Pop fans are probably gonna know this duo, Jinusean.  Now only was I glad to see them in the Infinity Challenge concert early on this year but I’m glad that they made a comeback on the music scene.  No, Sean isn’t only known for his charitable deeds.  Although he was very charitable in showing us his fantastic abs.  Can you believe he’s a father of 5 kids?  He gives a whole new meaning to the dad bod.

Still known as mischief makers, DJ DOC sure knows how to throw a party.  Rapper Lee Ha Neul (aka Rapper Sky), Lead Singer Kim Chang Ryul and Rapper Jung Jae Yong brought out all the good hits.  I wish I got more of their performances but in my old age, I forgot to bring the big SD card.

Last up was Chuli & Miae.  I don’t really know too much about this duo other than they were part of the 90’s.  DJ Chuli is the one who really organized the concert and it was pretty amazing to see Miae still have all the moves after all these years.

The concert happened on Halloween night and there weren’t many people dressed up in the audience.  Maybe there were a few easy costume like people dressed as cats or in school uniforms.  A few of the singers got dressed up at the end of the concert, such as the DJ DOC and Jinusean.  I think what’s amusing about this last video is how people are turning around trying to get a selfie of themselves with the artists on stage.  Lol.

I’m almost tempted to fly out to LA to see the West Coast concert early next year.  Suuure, I just want to escape the NY winter.  LA’s concert will supposedly bring SES and APink.  The latter group is not a 90’s group but I guess it was hard to round up Fin.K.L?


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