Just Bananas About: Week of 11/13/15

Real Men Season 2 has added a few more cast members recently.  The new members are Announcer Lee Sung Bae, Rapper Din Din, Actor Lee Ki Woo, Comedian Heo Kyung Hwan, Z:EA member Kim Dong Jun, Actor Lee Yi Kyung.  And they’re all headed to the Marines.  (Semper Fi??)  Unfortunately, there were a few members that didn’t quite pass the physical fitness test to get into the Marines, such as DonSpike and Jung Kyu Woon, the latter still healing from when he broke his arm from the last time he was on Real Men.

Despite the obvious hardships that the men will face in the Marines, it seems like the show has already identified a few characters other than our members.  Platoon Commander Pyun Hyun Seok is nicknamed the Siberian Tiger and he’s quite strict.  However, my favorite is Platoon Commander Won Dong Hyun who is not only strict but he’s got quite a cartoon-like voice.  I can’t wait for the members to adjust somewhat to the Marine life so that Comedians Kim Young Chul and Heo Kyung Hwan will attempt to do an impression of him.  Unfortunately, they’re too frightened right now to even move or look at their Platoon Commander in the wrong way.

If you thought life in the Army and Navy was rigid and difficult, the Marines bring it to a whole new level.  If I’ve learned anything from this show, it’s that you really don’t need to bring anything (ANYTHING) into the army.  I’m glad that Sleepy has caught on to this and when the Platoon Commander spilled out all of Sleepy’s things, it proved that he wasn’t hiding anything.  On the other hand, Kim Young Chul didn’t foresee that his PC would be thorough and so he hid some snacks.  Other members came forward as well like guilty children and they had to pay the price.

The rigidity of the Marines doesn’t end there.  From the way you walk down the hallway to your haircut to how far apart your feet are down to the centimeter to coming to a complete halt when the PC walks in the room to the way they eat and sleep, the Marines is all about order.

It is no wonder that the Marines don’t have any humor.  It felt extremely awkward to see Heo Kyung Hwan and Kim Young Chul try to make the troop laugh because the atmosphere was so stifling.

Sure enough, I expected them to get into trouble the first night of inspections.  The PC Won literally checked everything in those barracks.

He disciplined them for not completing the headcount within 5 seconds and not lining up their sleeping mats and lining up the folded portion of their blankets and he checked the dust behind the shelves with his white glove.  PC Won’s sigh was deafening.

Normally, you’d expect the punishment to be a few push-ups.  Not in the Marines.  The punishment is here is jumping lunges and depending on the PC’s mood you could anywhere from 10 to 30 jumping lunges.  It’s pretty bad when the entire troop has to do jumping lunges but what’s worse is that if you’re the troop leader, you could be doing the jumping lunges for something that your troop failed to do while the troop looks on.  It’s hard not to feel guilty as you’re watching this unfold.

I wonder what Hyun Bin’s time was like in the Marines and whether he walks at a 90 degree angle now.  Lol.


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