Just Bananas About: Week of 11/20/15

It’s Friiiiday!  *Runs around in circles.  It’s been a long week.  When I’m not doing something for this blog, I’m usually at my day job and we recently moved offices in the midst of our busy season.  Hence, the backlog of reviews.  But it’s Friday and I have to admit that Dynamic Duo’s new album has been helping me get through the week.

I don’t think I was the only one who is amused by their latest title track, “꿀잼 (Honey Jam),” which is basically honey.  The song lyrics reflect exactly what you think the song might be about as it’s about a relationship meaning something more than just being platonic.  Many listeners have said that the song is about Choiza and Sulli’s relationship and that is probably true on some level but I think the lyrics are too general to just say that it’s about them.

However, the thing that’s most striking about the song is the music video.  This is why I’m not planning on featuring it on my usual Monday playlist post.  The translated lyrics are out there and I think most can surmise the meaning behind most of the double entendres.  I’m amused by metaphor of a beehive or bug colony and how Gaeko plays a worker bee (일벌) while Choiza plays a chaebol (재벌).  Both words end in the same character, “벌 (buhl),” meaning “bee”.

다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo) – 꿀잼

I also love that they invited most of their Amoeba Culture crew (and some not) to feature in the music video.  Celebrities such as Lee Honey, Geegooin, Crush, Yankie and more are seen in the video.

For most people, including myself, the thing that takes the cake is that Dynamic Duo parodies Big Bang’s “BAE BAE” video.  I literally had to do a double take when Gaeko comes on dressed as Daesung.  It was the lips that made me realize it was Gaeko.  Lol.  They even worked all of the member’s names into the song’s lyrics.

태양은 아직 멀었고
지금 우리 기분은 탑
이 밤을 경영 관리 잘 한다면
우린 대성할 것 같아
심장은 불 뿜지
마치 dragon dragon
잘 길들여 승리해요
서로에 대한 호감은
이순간부로 격렬하게 팽창한다
The sun (Taeyang) is still far
Right now, our spirits are top (Top)
If we steer this night well
We might succeed (Daesung)
Heart gushes out flames
Like a dragon dragon (G-Dragon)
Train it well and win
Having a good feeling about each other
From this moment expand fiercely
Big Bang
Big Fun

Like their last album, I’ve been liking most of the songs on this album as well. Not all but there are notable tracks such as “J.O.T.S (feat. Nafla),” “야유회 (feat. 지코) (Zico)) (Excursion),” and “있어줘 (feat. Lydia Paek) (Stay with Me),” to name a few. However, I love this track called, “타이틀곡 (feat. 버벌진트) (Title Song (feat. Verbal Jint)”. Strangely enough, this is not a title track on their album but I like that it’s the song that comes right before their title track, “꿀벌”.

Dynamic Duo – 타이틀곡 (feat. 버벌진트) (Title Song (feat. Verbal Jint))

다이나믹 듀오(Dynamic Duo) – 타이틀곡 (feat. 버벌진트)

The song reflects their work as artists and a star.  Yes, they’re two different things.  The song is about the reality of the music business.  On the one hand, as much as Dynamic Duo is part of the main K-Pop scene (might receive some flack for saying this but they are part of that world), they want to create interesting music that’s thought-provoking in their hip-hop space.  However, those tracks don’t always grab the listener’s ear.

In some ways, it can be annoying pandering to the mainstream as what makes something a hit can be creatively stifling for an artist.  However, by making a hit song, they can bring a wider audience to their music and hopefully, the listeners will make their way to other tracks on the album and enjoy some of their other great tracks.  Perhaps I should feature on Monday’s post.  But that’s something I can totally relate to and respect as I try to do that with my blog.  I created the playlist post to create a space where listeners might hear an indie artist that they’ve never heard before or feature an old school K-pop song in which today’s artists may have gotten their influence from.


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