Just Bananas About: Week of 12/11/15

Tonight is the last episode of the 2nd season of Three Meals a Day, Fishing Village Edition.  I’ve been enjoying watching Cha Seung Won make fabulous meals, Yoo Hae Jin trying to catch fish and Son Ho Joon… well, basically at their beck and call.  The 2nd season has been pretty decent and there have been lots of guest but I think they really saved the best for last.

Yoon Kye Sang has been in a lot of projects so I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that each of the Three Meals a Day members are familiar with him.  Cha Seung Won and Yoon Kye Sang were rivals on Greatest Love, Yoo Hae Jin was in the movie, Minority Opinion, with him, and Son Ho Joon was in Full Sun with him.

As soon as Kye Sang arrives on the island, he’s greeted warmly and treated to lunch.  Seung Won made a great meal using the fish that Hae Jin caught that morning.  I know Cha Seung Won is a model but sometimes his fashion choices have me scratching my head.  He always looks confident in whatever he’s wearing so the clothes suit him well but I have to admit that I saw Cha Seung Won’s outfit and wondered who wore this brand better.  Shin Min Ah or Cha Seung Won?  Lol.

After lunch, the group gets ready to go out for a walk and to check all their fish traps.  Just like with all their previous guests, the boys can’t resist playing a candid camera prank on the newbie.  They tell Kye Sang that the island has some warm springs and he should take advantage of it.  Before they leave the house, Hae Jin tells Kye Sang to hold a piece of firewood.  He doesn’t tell him why but says that they’ll need it later on and it’s very important.  So as the group goes around the island checking their fish traps, there is Kye Sang holding the piece of wood.  I swear he looks like the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

Before they reach the “warm springs,” Hae Jin pulls up one of his traps and discovers that he’s finally caught an octopus, one of the main 3 seafood catches that Man Jae Island is known for.  Hae Jin had learned that octopus try to avoid the light so the camera light that was attached to the GoPro camera in the trap was keeping the marine wildlife away.  As they pull out the octopus, they can see that it’s a big one enough to feed them all.

The boys pick a spot and tell Kye Sang to go in.  He goes in and realizes the water is cold and then Seung Won tells him that he should take a few steps to his left.  He does and Kye Sang looks confused.  It’s not clear if his body got used to the water but he respond that he thinks that the water is warm.  Wait no, it’s cold.  He turns around to see Seung Won, Hae Jin and Ho Joon all cracking up.  These pranksters play a few more tricks on him before the end of the trip.

That night, they boil the octopus and eat it like sushi.  It looks so fresh and so good.  Certainly, Seung Won does a great job in plating the food well.

However, the next the boys are out at sea trying to reel in another catch-of-the-day.  Their boat takes them to a rock out at sea.  The rock is plentiful of mussels and Kye Sang is in charge of harvesting them while Hae Jin tries to see if he could catch a red sea-bream, which has proven elusive during his stay at Man Jae Island.  The day before Ho Joon was on this rock harvesting mussels but I think I would be terrified of drowning.  It’s a small rock and the waves from the sea are just so strong.  If the tide rose just a bit more, they’d literally be floating in the sea.

Unable to catch anything for lunch, Seung Won decides to change up the lunch menu.  He made curry rice for lunch and decides to batter-up and fry the mussels that were caught the previous day.  Seeing the curry rice, it reminds me of Greatest Love again.  All they are missing is Gong Hyo Jin and the potato plant.

Na PD decides that the group will leave a day early because the tides are getting so strong.  If they wait, there’s a good chance that the group will be stranded on the island longer than planned.  However, the final meal mission of the trip is to create a seafood buffet.  As if making one meal on this island isn’t hard enough, now they gotta make ten!  Seung Won is in charge of all the cooking while Hae Jin has to keep the fire in the fire pits going.  He also decides to build a buffet table, complete with a white tablecloth.

The other two are at the ready to help when their assistance is needed.  It’s not a fancy buffet as the group squat down on their stools in the grandma flower pants but the sight of them sure makes me laugh.

The group will return tonight to recap their final thoughts on this season.  I look forward to another season and the return of the cute Sanche and Bul.


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