[Review] Splash Splash LOVE – 퐁당퐁당 LOVE


As a senior in high school, Jang Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) should be focused on taking her college aptitude test but she gives up studying math due to stress. On the day of the test, she lacks the courage to take the test and runs away. As she’s running away, she discovers that a puddle created by the rainstorms is a portal that lands her in the Joseon era. She meets Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon), a young king who strives in working hard for his kingdom because he’s received the throne at a young age.

As the US is starting to get its feet wet in OTT (Over-The-Top) services, I feel like Korea has been providing customers with a full-range of media content on web and mobile devices for years now. This year, it’s the web drama and variety series landscape that’s broadened immensely in Korea. My concern with web dramas has always been whether the constrained time format would be sufficient in order for the story and emotional elements to unfold while delivering cliffhangers to have you coming back. I felt like that may have been the issue with Sandara Park’s Missing Korea. I realize I never did a review on that series but at the time it wasn’t widely available to everyone due to geo-filtering. I enjoyed Sandara Park and the cuteness but I wasn’t totally satisfied by it. In that way, I think you’ll still find me in front of the TV to watch shows the traditional way. However, the good thing about a web series is when you want to be entertained but don’t want to commit to more than 16 hours to make it all the way through the story.

That’s what I found with Splash Splash LOVE. The concept was simple and the plot was straightforward. It’s a 10 episode webseries but MBC eventually combined the episodes and aired it as 2 episodes on television. The drama is a romantic-comedy historical fiction and it reminds me somewhat of a shoujo anime/manga. While there are real people and events from history depicted in the drama, the story takes a fantastical turn. In the scheme of the story, I enjoyed watching how Dan Bi’s influence affects major historical events.

Adding to the straightforward storytelling, I can’t help it when I watch Kim Seul Gi. She’s just a ball of cuteness and her comedic timing and adorable quality is a perfect match, not only for the story, but for Yoon Doo Joon as well. They have great chemistry that’s funny and culturally relevant while also delivering heartfelt moments of romance.

Kim Hyung Joong – 너에게 퐁당 (Splash Into You)

김형중 – 너에게 퐁당

While the story may be predictable, it moves so fast that you’re just enjoying the cuteness and the twists that the drama delivers. Many of the characters you see in present day have doppelganger counterparts in the past and it concludes with a satisfying ending. Because the cast is so entertaining and we move through the major plot points of the story so quickly, I really had no time to be disappointed. I’ve even enjoyed it so much that I’ve watched the episodes again a few times.



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