Just Bananas About: Week of 1/4/16

Happy New Year!  I’ve been thinking for a while that I might flip my weekly posts and what better time than to do it now?  The first fangirl post of the new year features Infinity Challenge.  If you’ve been watching the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that our members are on the lam with the Busan police hot on their trail.  The members who are able to get away in a helicopter at night will win a prize of one million won (or ~$1,000 US).

The members first land at the Busan port in a container when they are told that they are all fugitives.  Their crimes?  It ranges from Food Thief to Illegal Plastic Surgery meant to make fun of each of their variety show personalities.

The detectives on their trail are actual Busan detectives who have the resource to track them by their cell phones, social media and CCTV.  Scattered throughout Busan there are key items that will aid them in their escape, whether it’s cash or an untraceable cell phone.  However, they have to beware of using their own cell phones or being captured on camera by fans.

First off, it appears that the detectives had a rough start.  There were 8 detectives in all who took time off work to participate in the filming.  One pair of detectives couldn’t even drive away from the police station as the younger detective had left the car on and the car’s battery had run out preventing them from starting the car.  By the time the detectives got on the road to begin their search, the group had already found the car at the Busan docks and had begun on their way to look for a new set of clothes to change into.

After changing their clothes, the group split up.  Park Myung Soo decided to take off in the car.  Haha and Hwang Kwang Hee teamed up and jumped into a cab to try and find some cash.  Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Joon Ha teamed up in order to try and find another vehicle.

Despite departing quickly, the group have left traces of where they had been.  The detectives that are tenacious to track where the members had been by asking the locals and even finding the house in which the group had changed their clothes.  They even found a piece of a map which indicated where they needed to go in order to find tools to aid in their escape.  Putting all these details together, the detectives put together a profile that would give them a clue as to where they’d be able to find the members.

The first member to get caught is Myung Soo.  He wasn’t able to resist his hunger and used his card to purchase a burger.  That immediately sent red flags and before you knew it, the detectives find his car and begin tailing him.  He’s not even aware that he’s being tailed until the detectives’ car pull up right beside him.  He gives up the other members easily and while the members know that one of them had been caught, they don’t know which member it is.

That leads the detectives to the bunker where Jae Suk and Joon Ha are looking for the car.  At this point, the two have split up amongst suspicion over who to trust.  Jae Suk reaches the car first just as Joon Ha is running into the bunker.  What’s even more outrageous is that the streets surrounding the bunker are only wide enough for one car to drive through at a time.  As Myung Soo and the detectives who caught him pull to a corner, they unknowingly back out in order for Jae Suk and his car to slip out.

As Myung Soo’s detectives catch Joon Ha, Myung Soo uses the opportunity to escape as they only put toy handcuffs on him.  While the detectives are thinking of their next plan of action, Joon Ha uses the opportunity to escape as well.  As Joon Ha is able to get away, Myung Soo returns to the scene of the crime after going to the bathroom thinking that escape car is still there.  He finds the detectives waiting for him.

Jae Suk’s next course of action is to find the untraceable cell phone.  Unfortunately, it’s in a super creepy building and the phone has a super creepy ringtone.  After a few failed attempts, he finds the phone and decides he needs his next course of action is to find some cash.  I like that Jae Suk’s plan of escape is so methodical.

As for Haha and Kwang Hee, they locate the cash that’s hidden on the busy streets surrounding BIFF.  It appears that they are starting to betray each other as Kwang Hee tries to hide a 10,000 won bill.  As they start to attract attention, the two decide it’s better if they trust each other for now and go to the next location to find some more cash.

Unfortunately for them, there is a team of detectives waiting for them.  Namely, the two whose car didn’t start at the beginning of the day.  Haha tries to make a run for it and he rats out where Kwang Hee is.  Unfortunately, Haha gets caught by the older detective.

As the younger detective goes after Kwang Hee, he just tries to make a run for it and surprisingly, when you think Kwang Hee has nowhere to run, he jumps into a stream and makes a quick getaway. He even loses his cameraman a few times but after waiting for an opportune moment to getaway, he escapes by hitching a ride with a trucker.

Meanwhile, the detectives get a tip that Joon Ha has gone to BIFF.  They think it’s because he’s hungry and wants to eat.  While that’s partly true, he also went there to get some cash not knowing that Haha and Kwang Hee had already retrieved it.  Because of the crowds, Joon Ha isn’t able to get away as quickly and the detectives arrest him.

Kwang Hee heads over to fellow ZE:A member, Kim Dong Jun’s parents restaurant in Busan.  I find it amusing that Dong Jun’s dad helps Kwang Hee by giving him a change of clothes, namely Dong Jun’s clothes.

He then receives a call from Jae Suk and they arrange to meet nearby.  However, the call has alerted the authorities.  Kwang Hee thinks it might be best to stay off the street and hunker in a place where he can easily see his surroundings.  He chooses a furniture store right across the street and perches on the 2nd floor of the building to monitor his surroundings.  The detectives arrive on scene and they start looking around.  One of the first places they look is the furniture store but luckily for Kwang Hee, they not only lie for him but they give him food and help him escape in their own car.

Finally, Jae Suk and Kwang Hee and they retrieve the last envelope at the location where Haha got caught.  The thrill of this entire scene is that the detectives literally miss the pair by a few seconds.  However, they can’t let their guard down and Jae Suk realizes how uncomfortable being on the lam is.  He’s not even able to eat a decent meal because he constantly popping his head up like a meerkat.

Unfortunately for the two on the lam, Jae Suk’s untraceable cell phone is now traceable because he used it to text Haha who gave the number over to the cops.  Kwang Hee uses this phone to call his other friend in Busan who owns a clothing store.  Thinking they need another change of clothes, they head to Busan University but it is bustling with people.  Jae Suk thinks it might be best to park the car and go on foot but as soon as they meet up with Kwang Hee’s contact, Jae Suk is caught.

As soon as they spot the detectives, Kwang Hee flees the scene and enlists help from the locals.  He’s able to hitchhike in one car and then grabs another kid on the street so they could swap clothes.  He only needs 15 more minutes in order to reach the helipad to make his escape from Busan and win the prize money.

Thinking he’s got the edge on the detectives, the helicopter lifts off but surprise, surprise, the detective had arrived on the scene before Kwang Hee and hid in the back of the helicopter.

The episodes were hilarious, thrilling and it was amazing just to see how the detectives do what they do.  I was also impressed with Kwang Hee.  Later he said before the challenge, he read a netizen comment saying that this was his last chance so that’s why Kwang Hee gave it his all to escape.  I’d have to disagree with that netizen because I think Kwang Hee has been doing a good job so far but this challenge took him to another level.  Kwang Hee, Hwaiting!


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 1/4/16

  1. I don’t watch Infinity Challenge on a weekly basis, but I tune in when they do interesting episodes. This chase was a lot of fun. I love how they had real detectives on the case. Kwanghee definitely exceeded all expectations. I was rooting for him to escape because he somehow managed to escape and outsmart the detectives throughout the day. Switching clothes even when he was so close to the finish line was brilliant…too bad the detectives had already gotten to the helicopter. Also, I was very impressed with Jaesuk. His plan was smart (get car, get phone, and then money). The ringtone freaked me out too. Park Myungsoo’s ultimate betrayal cracked me up (letting detectives know that they had a final destination)! I also rooted for him when he escaped the first time, but when he returned…haha

    Side note: DongJun’s dad actually let him borrow his own clothes.

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    • Ha, I totally missed that about Dong Jun’s dad’s clothes. I think I was thinking of how tall Dong Jun is (I feel he could be a tad shorter than Kwang Hee so I was trying to imagine them all lined up in my head) and whether his clothes would even fit Kwang Hee. Well DJ’s dad seemed shorter than Kwang Hee anyways so the pants fit him awkwardly. Lol. I found it endearing that he called him dad but I too wanted Kwang Hee to get away with the prize money. He had been awesome all day long. In the rain, no less. But then I would feel bad if the detectives had to live up to retiring early because they couldn’t catch Kwang Hee. Even if it was a comment they didn’t completely intend to follow through on.

      Myung Soo and Joon Ha both cracked me up when they ran away. I was like, ‘Do they not have child-proof locks on their cars?’


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