Just Bananas About: Week of 1/18/16

I don’t often write about King of Masked Singers because the thing that makes the show great is finding out who the person is behind the mask. So I can totally understand the show for wanting to keep a tight wrap on the identity of the singers between the filming. However, last night’s episode had some amusing singers and a few surprises that made it this week’s fangirl of item of the week. SPOILERS Ahead!

Extending from last week, the internet polls had Miraculous Golden Time leading the pack, which meant that viewers believed that this could finally be the week that a new singer could beat Legendary Cat’s Girl. However, I had my suspicions that Cat’s Girl could pull off another great performance and win another which would make her the record holder for being the King.

First up, the challengers had to get past round 2. The first pair to sing was Miraculous Golden Time and Cold City Monkey.  I have to admit that I kinda knew who these two singers were but Cold City Monkey had me laughing throughout his interview.

From trying to explain Alvin & the Chipmunks to denying that he knew what “West Coast” meant. Despite monkeying around (I make no apologies), he showed his sexy side by dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. On the flip side, Golden Time tried to emulate Monkey’s sexy dance but he ended up just looking like an old fogey. Haha.

The kicker for me was when Monkey loses to Golden Time and admits that he didn’t have a 3rd song prepared, either because he didn’t he was gonna make it past Round 2 or he just got lazy. Either way, it was his R&B singing style and American accent that gave him away. He wanted to do the show so that he could give his parents something to brag about because songs like “Mommae” are a bit inappropriate for his parents to go around bragging about. Lol.

Next up, Siren UhWooDong and Fly Trapping Farinelli sang their numbers in the original key it was sung by the original singer. UhWooDong sang So Chan Hwee’s “Tears,” while Farinelli ends up singing Lee Sun Hee’s “Ah! Old Times”. Both are songs sung by women and “Tears” is an extremely high number that even most women wouldn’t be able to sing it.

There were a lot of theories surrounding UhWooDong’s identity like that she’s a young trot singer, female idol singer and etc. I think what’s amazing is when you discover that behind UhWooDong’s mask was that none of those theories panned out.

UhWooDong turned out to be male idol singer, Sun Yool from the rookie group, Up10tion. Yeah, you read that right. It was a guy.

For Round 3, Farinelli ends up beating Golden Time and we learn that Golden Time is Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Although Farinelli makes a valiant effort to dethrone Cat’s Girl, she wins again. We learn that Farinelli is Singer KCM.

For this week’s winning performance, Cat’s Girl did a jazzy number called “Swing Baby” by Park Jin Young. I think what I love about watching her is that she so comfortable on the stage and she’s so varied. Each one of her performances have been so different that I wouldn’t mind seeing her go on for a few more weeks.

It’s obvious that many believe that she’s a musical actress but I originally believed that she might be Jeon Soo Kyung. Now, I think I might change my mind about that. There are rumors around the net saying that Cat’s Girl is Musical Actress Cha Ji Yeon, who has previously performed on Immortal Song, and I’m now leaning towards that theory because their voices sound similar. Who do you think is Cat’s Girl?


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