[Review] Imaginary Cat – 상상고양이


Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) aspires to become a successful webtoon artist and works part-time at the Naeil Bookstore to support his dream. He lives alone with his cat, Bok Gil (Han Ye Ri as the voice of the cat), whom he found abandoned one rainy day at the lowest point in his life. Although his stubbornness and short-tempered personality pushes away meaningful relationships with other people, such as the cheery Oh Na Woo (Jo Hye Jung), he finds solace and support through his interactions with Bok Gil.

Sooo, funny story. I used to have a dog named Bok Gil, a tea-cup Chihuahua. It’s not a breed I really wanted, if I wanted a pet dog, but I just happened to inherit her. She was pretty hilarious in that she was a tiny dog but that didn’t stop her from trying to scare dogs bigger than her with her bark. Guess it was a Napoleon complex. Other than that, she did as she pleased and resembled Bok Gil the cat from this drama in many ways.

However, the reason I really wanted to see the drama was to watch Jo Hye Jung. She is really getting the chance to live out her dreams and her style of acting and her projects are very different from her dad. Right now, it’s still early in her career, and so I understand that as she moves from project to project, she ends up getting typecasted in similar roles, that whimsical and quirky girl in the drama.

Yoo Seung Ho does step up to the plate to play more of the heavier themes in the drama. I wasn’t expecting much in regards to his character relationship with his cat but the drama does a good job of illustrating how important they are to each other. When he was younger, Jong Hyun lost someone very close to him and he hasn’t been able to get over it. He was also betrayed by a friend who used his talent to become a webtoon star. As for Bok Gil, she was a stray who was left out in the rain. She needed a home and he needed family.

Where does Na Woo fit in this picture? Certainly for most of the drama, Jong Hyun does his best to push her away but despite their ups and downs, he finds that she’s another person that he can rely on, like he does with Bok Gil. Although Jong Hyun does have his best friend, Yook Hae Gong (Kim Min Suk), who is by his side through thick and thin, I think the feelings run much deeper with Na Woo and Bok Gil and Yoo Seung Ho does a decent job in making those distinctions.

The drama overall is pretty light on substance but considering the length of the drama and the audience that it’s marketed for I’m okay with it. I hope that it isn’t too long before I get to see Jo Hye Jung in another project as I do think she’s talented but I would like to see her try out some more dramatic roles as it would nice to see her expand her range as an actress. As for Yoo Seung Ho, he’s been in the industry for so long that he’s already a veteran at this point in his career. He’s only 24 and he’s already completed his military service. However, I like that he tries out different projects from dramas about young adults to sageuks to melodramas. He certainly isn’t limiting himself as an actor and it’s one of the reasons why he’s remained a hot commodity thus far.



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