Just Bananas About: Week of 2/22/16

I have been waiting for this edition of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Yes, in part because I loved Answer Me 1988 and don’t want to let go of it. Also, in part because the previous Youth Over Flowers in Iceland was funny but everything looked so cold and broadcasted during a really time in the States that all I could think about was being cold. So I’m really glad that we get to see them in a warmer climate, at least on the screen. Plus, I can’t get over the news reports about how the cast was basically kidnapped from their post drama vacation trip. I literally just hear Hye Ri’s laughter in that video (from the Candid Camera variety show) when she finds out the news having just returned to her work schedule from Phuket herself.

Na PD gets Director Shin Won Ho in on the kidnapping plan. Obviously all of the managers are in on the plan. The PD that’s supposed to follow them on the trip has a hidden camera. He actually works for Na PD but has been on the Answer Me set so much that the cast mistook him for being on their crew. At first, he’s afraid to take it out but then decides to go with the story that he’s shooting a behind-the-scenes story for the DVD. Go Kyung Pyo then goes on to say that he has a Go-Pro and pulls it out and starts shooting more footage, unaware that this isn’t for the DVD but for Na PD.

The trip to Phuket goes as plan and Na PD secretly goes to Phuket himself in disguise. I find it hilarious that Na PD is in sunny Thailand but unable to leave his hotel room and forced to eat Nasi Goreng for this 3 meals. Na PD recruits the parents, Kim Sung Kyun, Ra Mi Ran and Kim Sun Young to help him with his plan. They gladly agree to help out. The boys think that they are going to have a quick shoot promoting the resort with the rest of the cast. After being told that the photographer is going to be a little late, the cast decide to hang out at a nearby café.

As the group waits, Go Kyung Pyo tells his manager not to pack his things. However, what the boys don’t know is that the managers are officially off the clock nor can they bring any of the things they brought with them on vacation. What if his manager loses his passport? Ra Mi Ran warns that he needs to take care of his own passport and she slowly brings up the subject matter of Youth Over Flowers. Would they ever be interested in going on a trip like that? However, the only person not interested in the conversation is Ahn Jae Hong who is only annoyed by the humid weather in Thailand.

Kim Sun Young brings up Africa as a place that they haven’t visited on the Youth Over Flower series and Ryu Joon Yeol surprisingly says that he hopes to go this year. Ahn Jae Hong doesn’t seem confident that he’ll be picked to go on the trip. Kim Sun Young comes off trying to push for Jae Hong and asks if Shin Won Ho is close to Na PD. Ra Mi Ran says that she’s close to Na PD as they are both Ra/Na family line. Haha.

She picks up the phone to call Na PD, who is actually waiting behind the café. She suggests the cast of Answer Me 1988 for Youth Over Flowers and Na PD confirms about whether they really want to go. That’s when Na PD makes his entrance into the café.

The look of shock on the boys faces when they see Na PD is priceless. It’s part surprise and part they have no idea what’s going on. They just sit around with puzzled looks on their faces for a few minutes. Na PD confirms that the schedule they have in the next few days is actually for Youth Over Flowers. I love that Ra Mi Ran says that because they sold their fellow cast members, they sell them for 4000 Baht.

What’s surprising is that Go Kyung Pyo starts crying. Apparently, he’s still suffering from the stress following the aftermath of the SNS scandal that happened last year causing him to shutdown his social media accounts. It seems that he’s sorry for his thoughtless comments. His confidence appears to be so low that he was not sure if he deserved to belong to a popular series such as Answer Me 1988 nor Youth Over Flowers as he doesn’t want him being on the show cause problems for the rest of the staff. Aww, the rest of the cast reassure him that it’s okay and off they go.

On the way to the airport, Na PD hands them all their international drivers’ license. As Na PD hands Ahn Jae Hong his license, they all laugh at the picture inside because of his hairstyle.

As for Park Bo Gum, he had to return back to Korea early as he had to resume his hosting duties at Music Bank. After he finishes his job, though he’ll think he’s heading home, the car will actually take him back to the airport. Go Kyung Pyo calls him up and tells him to see if there’s a car following behind him. It doesn’t help that it’s nighttime in Korea and it’s dark in the car.

It’s like something out of horror movie. He meets up with the crew and the first thing he does is give them all water and soda. I love that he looks after them first even though these are the people that will be kidnapping him. Haha. Then it just sinks in that he’s going off to Africa and they tell him that he needs to grab whatever he can, including underwear. Lol. As he arrives at the airport, he realizes that it’s only been 12 hours since he returned to Korea but now he has to leave again.

After a number of plane transfers, the first trio lands in Windhoek, Namibia. They first try to look for a car but they must find a car company that will let them pick up from Namibia and return to Victoria Falls. After not being able to find anything at the airport, they decide to take a taxi to the city in hopes that a local car company will let them drop off at a different location. After checking out various company, which are closed, the taxi driver mentions that he knows someone who can rent them a car and I can’t help thinking it sounds a bit shady. What can I say? I’m a New Yorker in which everything sounds shady to me. Much to my surprise, the lady can rent them a car but she only has manual cars. Unfortunately, none of the boys can drive stick.

In the end, the group goes to the mall to get something to eat. They get a call from Bo Gum who tells them that he missed his transfer to Namibia and he’s stuck in the South African airport until next morning. After dinner, they call for another taxi to take them back to the airport to see if there is another company that they can rent from. In the end, they find the car company that will let them drop the car off at Victoria Falls. They might not have gotten off on right foot but I’m eager to tune in next week to see the real start to their backpacking trip.


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