Just Bananas About: Week of 3/7/16

I’m amused that each of the Answer Me 1988 actors are similar to their characters in the drama.  From Ahn Jae Hong’s 4D personality to Ryu Joon Yeol’s dry wit, I think I’m most amused by Park Bo Gum’s dopiness.  Certainly this past episode showcased that to its fullest.

We start off this week after watching the boys witness sunset and sunrise at different areas of the park.  After trying to take a cool silhouette picture the night before, which resulted in Ahn Jae Hong ripping his shorts when he tried to do a jumping split, he’s been walking in the ripped shorts.  However, the other boys rely on him as their main chef as they have limited utensils on the camping grounds. Today’s breakfast is curry.

However, they’re not able to set a fire and the group of campers that helped them the previous night are no longer there.  They decide to head to a kitchen on the camping grounds to see if they could use their stove.

Not only is the group able to cook their food but they notice a plate of food leftover by one of their camera crew.  Add two bags of bread rolls they bought up front, this all comes part of their morning meal.

There’s a long day of driving for the boys as they head to their next destination: Swakopmund.  On the way, they enjoy the desert scenery, even stop to have a quick bite on the side of the road, there is truly nothing out here.  I love how they decide to save water by washing their hands with a drop of water and saying that they feel refreshed, as if they had taken a shower.

The driving continues and, of course, long drives are best when you can blast some tunes to help keep you awake and pass the time.  But it seems like the car’s Bluetooth is malfunctioning as they can’t get the songs to play properly.  Ahn Jae Hong whines that he just wants to get to the chorus.  Lol, that’s sucks.

As they near Swakopmund and their hotel, Park Bo Gum decides to take over some of the driving.  He’s quite young and I’m not sure how much experience he has driving.   The difficult thing about driving in this part of Africa is that the wheel is on the right and you have to drive on the other side of the road.  However, since he doesn’t have to worry too much about traffic, I suppose there is less of chance of him getting into an accident.  But then five minutes into driving, he bypasses a stop sign without stopping.  Although he doesn’t get pulled over, the camera crew following behind them realizes what had happened and asks the boys to come back.

I admit that it’s always a bit alarming when you get pulled over.  You feel nervous and flustered but add to the fact that you’re in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language very well.  Not to mention that the presence of cameras probably wouldn’t have helped the situation but the video looks like shady, undercover video.  Bo Gum readily admits that he was driving and he missed stopping at the stop sign.  I suppose that it doesn’t help that Jae Hong is walking around with ripped pants.  When one of the traffic cops asks him about it, he just says, “Dune 45,” as if the cop is supposed to understand what that means.  Lol.

Reluctantly, the other boys decide to go on ahead and check into their hotel.  Bo Gum reunites with the group shortly thereafter.  It’s being a long tiring day and the boys just decide to go to bed.

The following day, Joon Yeol and Bo Gum decide to quad biking.  All they need to do is follow the path of their guide but sure enough, Bo Gum gets stuck and needs the guide’s help in order to get moving again.

As for Go Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong, they decide to sleep in.  Upon waking up, they head out to exchange some money and just explore the town.  Kyung Pyo comments how the waves must be strong, it’s so strong that he could feel the spray.  Cut to a few seconds later, when he realizes that the spray is from a sprinkler watering the lawn.  Haha.

They meet a college student that they previously met on their long drive.  They marveled over the fact that she’s travelling by herself.  She had mostly spoken with Joon Yeol, who knows the most English, and they even exchanged phone numbers.  I admit that I kinda of had to chuckle when she taught the meaning of “yolo (you only live once).”  Joon Yeol was touched by the meaning while I think it often takes on a negative, sarcastic tone here in the U.S. due its overuse, especially by certain celebrities.  As Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong attempt to use all the English they know, the conversation suddenly gets awkward when they run out of English phrases to say and that she doesn’t even remember Joon Yeol.  They end things and continue on their way.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Joon Yeol and Bo Gum are now off their bikes and sledding down on sand dunes.  It looks like a lot of fun and I can’t believe that Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo are missing out on this.

The boys are back from their excursion and they all decide to meet up and have dinner at the restaurant where Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo have already made reservations.  This is the first time they’re having seafood and even some oryx meat.  It’s the first nice meal they’ve had altogether since they were kidnapped.

After dinner, the wait staff must have asked about why they’re being filmed so they explain that they were all in a drama together and even play some clips from Answer Me 1988.

The following morning, the boys are ready to head out again.  Bo Gum is going to drive and takes up the wheel.  He backs out of the parking lot only to crash into a wall.  Yikes!  And I suddenly have visions of Choi Taek having trouble parking.

They all laugh it off and tell Bo Gum that it’s gonna be okay.  But I’m guessing that Bo Gum isn’t going to be driving them any time soon.


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