Just Bananas About: Week of 4/11/16

As part of Infinite Challenge’s most recent challenge, they are testing the members’ five senses.  The challenge started in the 2nd part of last week’s episode.  The members show up to the studio thinking that they are going to practice for their wedding singers challenge only to be forced to wear a blindfold and a helmet.

The first member to show is Yoo Jae Suk and they take him on a car ride.  As soon as he arrives on location, he hears the sound of choppers.  As we all know, Yoo Jae Suk is known for his fear of heights so the sound immediately rings alarm bells in his head.  As soon as they open the door he feels strong winds and his escorts push him down so that he’s bowing his head like he’s about to get on the chopper.

It doesn’t stop there as he feels the jerk of the helicopter lifting off and turbulence in the skies.  He even smells the scent of gas that you only smell on helicopters.  Suddenly, a man comes up behind him and says, ‘Welcome to the world of skydiving.’  If Yoo Jae Suk wasn’t sufficiently scared before, he’s terrified now.  The door opens and he’s pushed out onto a pile of… mats.

Of course, he reacts with shock, then anger, until finally embarrassment settles in.  I have to admit that I first thought how dangerous this could be if the member really thought he was falling out of a helicopter but then thought that maybe the televisions veterans would realize that Kim Tae Ho PD would never do anything risky on the air.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Regardless, I laughed so I guess it made for entertaining television.

Well it didn’t stop there as it was now up to the rest of the members to be fooled as well.  Jung Joon Ha was next and they placed Yoo Jae Suk in the rear seat to also play along as a terrified passenger.  It wasn’t until Yoo Jae Suk was able to see all the silly things happening around that made him crack up even more.

As for Haha and Park Myung Soo, being on television didn’t stop them from cursing.

What was surprising to the group was that Park Myung Soo is usually suspicious of everything but this stunt was the first time in 7 years which made him shed tears.  I love that Park Myung Soo puts his arms around his escort just before they jump out of the car.

The final member of the group is Kwang Hee and I believe his stunned expression explains it all.

However, the challenge didn’t stop at the members as Comedian Yang Se Hyung and Block B’s Zico joined in as well.

I love that Zico was like, ‘Normally, you’d sign a waiver before doing something like this.’  That’s exactly what I was thinking as well and thought that because they didn’t sign one it would raise red flags.

Well I guess the helicopter stunt was the full body experience but the Infinite Challenge goes on to test each of the member five senses starting with the eyes.  Can you spot the difference between these two GFRIEND performances?  (Hint: There are 5 key differences).  Obviously, the screencaps might make it easy to figure out but the boys were often taken in by the girl group and the performance that it might not have been so easy.

After a couple of other performances, the final test in the sight test was a magic show presented by Choi Hyun Woo.  Now, I think that’s really hard as magic is all about deflecting attention.  That’s especially why magicians often have pretty assistants helping them out.  Even I had a hard time figuring out all the differences that occurred during this magic act.

He even shows the group some sleight of hand through a card trick. What’s hilarious is that Zico suddenly thinks that he’s part of a candid camera gag and he’s only person not in on it.

That’s when Yang Se Hyung decides to take the only card on the table and puts it by Zico feet.  He then tells them the amazing thing about Choi Hyun Woo is that all the cards on the table have disappeared.  It’s by Zico’s feet!  Zico figures out that it was Yang Se Hyung playing a trick on him but that’s when Choi Hyun Woo says that for a moment he was taken aback by the missing card, too.  Lol.

During the next test, the members are tested on the sensitivity of sound.  Can they eat certain foods without going over 50 decibels?  If they do, a metal tray falls on their head.  They are tested on noisy foods such as almonds, apples, soda and radish kimchi.  Jung Joon Ha’s downfall wasn’t even the soda itself but rather the fact that drinking soda makes him burp.

One of the final tests in the episode was whether you’d be able to detect the real thing or person just by the sound.  The game was setup like Hidden Singer.  The first round featured objects vs. man-made sounds.  Comedian Jung Jong Chul is known for being great at imitating the sound of objects from vacuum cleaners to a vibrating alarm.

However, I also truly had a hard time telling the difference between the real sound of a train and his imitation of it.

Next up, comedians who are great at imitating celebrities tried their best to trick the members.  Jung Sung Ho, Kim Hak Do and Ahn Yoon Sang try their best Lee Soon Jae, Han Suk Kyu and Lee Sung Kyun.

I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell Kim Hak Do’s impression of Lee Soon Jae from the real thing. The thing is that the Lee Soon Jae was a trick question because out of the four examples, Lee Soon Jae’s real voice wasn’t even featured at all since Kim Hak Do did Version #2 and #3.

Finally, since Kim Tae Ho PD had tested all of the members on their five senses, would they now be able to tell the difference between a fake and real helicopter.  Yoo Jae Suk shows up and he tells Yoo Jae Suk how he upgraded everything from raising the car with a crane, placing an air cushion and getting better speakers.

This time though, Kim Tae Ho PD takes Yoo Jae Suk on a ride on an actual helicopter.

He notices how the seats feel different this time and how real it feels only to find out he’s been fooled once again.  Kim Tae Ho PD originally wanted to open the door but the helicopter pilot refused to let him do so because it would have been dangerous.  The challenge continues next week as all of the members are tested again.  Haha.


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