Just Bananas About: Week of 5/23/16

My Fair Seo Hyun Jin.  I am just loving Seo Hyun Jin for her multilayered acting as the cheery, warm-hearted Just Oh Hae Young (aka Dirt Oh Hae Young) on Another Oh Hae Young.  In fact, I think what makes her so lovable is that Seo Hyun Jin has this innate ability to win viewers over with her positivity.

Seo Hyun, Yoo Seung Woo – 사랑이 뭔데 (What is it About Love?)

서현진 , 유승우 – 사랑이 뭔데

Granted, I’ve only seen Seo Hyun Jin previously in The Three Musketeers, but what I’m realizing is that her characters seem so banal on paper and yet she wins me over with her charm.  As Kang Bin in The Three Musketeers, I felt sympathetic for her as she was married to a prince whom she didn’t necessarily love.  But As Prince So Hyun began to understand her and find common ground with her, I also began to fall for Kang Bin as well.  (I’m contemplating whether I should watch her in Let’s Eat 2 even though I haven’t seen the first one.)

Similar with Oh Hae Young, she could be a stick-in-the-mud type of character who loses her faith in people and love but she’s not.  Okay, I realize that it’s the writer who crafted her this way but I swear there is a twinkle in Seo Hyun Jin’s eye as she pulls off some of the most embarrassing but hilariously funny scenes.

Oh and did you know that she sings?  Why am I surprised that she debuted as part of an idol group?  She originally started in a 4 person group called M.I.L.K.  Any guesses as to who Seo Hyun Jin is in the video below?

(Hint: She’s the one with the hat.)

I realize that as Park Do Kyung (Eric) begins to fall for our girl, it’s going to complicate matters not only with his ex-fiancée, Pretty Oh Hae Young (Jun Hye Bin) but the fact that he also ruined Just Oh Hae Young’s impending marriage.


It’s not only going to be a big shock but that betrayal is going to cut deep in their relationship.

As for the other Oh Hae Young, now that we’re starting to get some answers as to why she left Do Kyung at the altar I am beginning to feel a bit sympathetic towards her.

However, as much as she seems nice, I never totally believed that her niceness was a 100% genuine.  It’s not that I thought Pretty Oh Hae Young had it out for Just Oh Hae Young but they’re lives overlapped so much in the past, and they are again overlapping now, that it’s hard not to feel a bit of animosity.

She’s the type of frenemy in which she doesn’t realize how much she affects Just Oh Hae Young’s life but just because she doesn’t mean to be a negative element, it doesn’t quite eliminate all the blame for her shoulders.  As much as Just Oh Hae Young wanted to be her own person, it’s exhausting when time and time again people bring up the other Oh Hae Young.  And I think that goes both ways.

In regards to what happened between Pretty Oh Hae Young and Do Kyung, here is where I think the show has to do a really good job at coming up with the actual reason.  So what if Do Kyung’s mother was holding something over Hae Young?  Hae Young was able to hold out until the very night before their marriage.  I’m sad that Do Kyung’s mother literally terrorized her from her own place to where she works but what we’re going to remember is what was on the audio that made her rethink her marriage.

I do love that when Just Oh Hae Young realizes she’s caught in-between these two people, she doesn’t take it lying down.  She tells Do Kyung exactly how immature he’s being.  However, she doesn’t stay mad at him for long because on some level, I think she does understand how he feels.

Then, she turns around and does something immature herself to make Pretty Oh Hae Young jealous.  It’s that comedic turn and the fact that Do Kyung and Just Oh Hae Young are on the same level of heartbreak that makes that chemistry work.

Finally, there’s Just Oh Hae Young’s boss and Do Kyung’s sister, Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won).  And here I thought Ye Ji Won was going to play just another crazy character for comic relief.  I mean, Soo Kyung is crazy and out there but she does seem to have her priorities in order.

I like that she’s the only person who really knows her mother antics and she doesn’t put up with any of her crap.  And despite being the comic relief for us and the household, she does seem to have her own heartbreak story.  Perhaps, that’s why she’s fiercely protective of her brother.

That’s what I love about the drama because all of the female characters are strong in their own way.  Their strength might not come across right away but it’s there and it shines through the comedy.  I realize that we might headed for some angst in the romcom shortly but since the drama has established a strong foundation, I’m looking forward to what the drama has in store for us.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 5/23/16

  1. Oh, I love her! Eversince 3 Musketeers! Ugh, why that drama has to be cut down? It’s a great drama and I have to see her with happy ending with the prince! And I like her in Running Man too, coupled with Kwang Soo.

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