Just Bananas About: Week of 6/13/16

I don’t watch a lot of comedy shows.  I watch a lot of variety shows that are funny which are different from the comedy variety shows.  It’s just that these shows can sometimes be a hit or miss for me if the skit isn’t funny.  SNL Korea is the one comedy show that I keep up with and frankly, I don’t think it has been having a very good season.  However, I was looking forward to the appearance of the AOMG crew and was delighted to see this episode was the funniest episode I’ve seen all season.

Of course, the show couldn’t resist doing a parody a Show Me the Money parody.  Can you guess which comedian is playing which judge?

The skit had each of the AOMG artists going up against contestants that aren’t really skilled rappers but had them winning over the judges.  One of the funniest segments featured Jang Moon Bok versus Loco.  Lee Se Young has been parodying this kid a lot this season.  It’s quite hilarious but I also feel bad for the kid.  Apparently, Jang Moon Bok auditioned on Superstar K2 a few years ago and his audition was very unique because of the pitch of his voice and the speed of his rapping.  Lee Se Young is really good getting that voice just right.  The skit also makes a dig at Verbal Jint and the controversial call he and San E made last season in which they eliminated Black Nut but then brought him back.

The 3-minute Some (or Ssum) Guy segment was my favorite skit of the night.  It’s a segment that they’ve been featuring weekly.  It’s based on the instant curry and black bean sauce packages but instead of eating food, in 3 easy minutes, you can get your ideal guy or girl.  In this case, the theme was Some Guy.

First up, there was Simon D as the Cheundere guy (cold on the outside, warm on the inside).  Typical, SamD.  Except, he had hoarding tendencies and would bring up used clothes, food, etc.

Next up, there’s the You are me, I am you guy.  Lee Se Young liked Park Jae Bum for the fact that they had similar interests and styles.  But perhaps, it was too similar for comfort.

Third, there’s You are my pet guy featuring Loco.  He literally had a dog-like personality.  It was actually quite cute to see Loco that way.  This one was my favorite.

Then, we have the grey guy featuring… Gray.  Gray does a parody of the parody of the 50 Shades of Grey.   If you haven’t seen the original parody by Jung Sang Hoon, it is so funny that it really doesn’t even need subtitling.

The Honeyed Guy features Loco in a Pooh costume.  I mean, the screencaps explain it all.  It’s worth watching the whole thing but note that the video is split into two parts.

The skit is titled My Girl’s Generation.  It had a girl, Ahn Young Mi, who has a crush on the hottest guy in the class, Gray.  She wants to get the guy but has zero experience with guys.  So who shows her the ropes?  Sam D, of course.

I’ll admit that the charm of this one is Simon D’s Busan accent.  It literally had all of the girls squealing because she got a backhug from him and peck his lips.  Though, Simon D ends up runs away from Ahn Young Mi’s advances.

She sees Loco come in and he becomes her next target.  Unfortunately, he knows what she’s up to. So as a throwback to the previous skit, she throws a ball which he chases.

In the end, it’s Cha Cha Malone, the foreign exchange student, who embraces Ahn Young Mi.

Finally, one of the last videos I want to talk about is the Park Jae Bum diss video.  In it, we see him in several situations where he’s been overlooked or inadvertently dissed and in his head, he spins off a diss video for each one of them.

From the SNL cast members, dissing the previous season of Show Me the Money 4, in which Park Jae Bum was one of the judges, to talking about how Gray and Simon D are so great in the current season.  Or Park Jae Bum and his crew all heading out to eat only to be abandoned by them when he kneels down to tie his shoelaces.

One of the funniest exchanges is when he comes across Shin Dong Yup who compliments him on his snapback, only to peel off the sticker thinking that he forget to take the tag off.

The only one who seems to get praise is Cha Cha Malone.  At first, they’re all given bowls of clam kalguksoo but Park Jae Bum ends up with one empty shell.  When Cha Cha notices, he gives up his own clams for Park Jae Bum to which he returns the favor by singing his praises in the form of a gospel number.  Haha.


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