Just Bananas About: Week of 6/20/16

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching Lucky Romance with a cautious eye.  Though the drama isn’t a runaway hit, the romcom aspect of it is enjoyable and what drew me to the show.  And it looks like we are finally getting to the part of the drama that I enjoy the most, where the OTP begins to recognize that they have feelings for each other.

Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is a superstitious woman.  The only family that she has left is her younger sister who is in a comatose state at the hospital.  A fortune teller tells her that she’s the bad luck charm for the people around her.  In order to ward off that bad luck and save her sister, she needs to spend a night with a guy who was born in the Year of the Tiger.  Je Soo Ho (Ryu Joon Yeol) is CEO of a game company and a CEO.  His meddling mother also believes in the supernatural but he is incredibly logical.

That’s where Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s two personalities begin to clash.  As soon as Bo Nui finds out that Soo Ho is a Tiger, she proposes that they sleep together which alarms Soo Ho.  Last week, he discovers the reason behind Bo Nui’s antics and finally begins to understand her a bit better.

Though Soo Ho offers to grant Bo Nui’s wish, she turns him down because he doesn’t believe that sleeping with anyone will make a difference and has gone out of his way to stop her from sleeping with anyone else.  To be fair, she had been going on dating sites and picking up any man that she comes across in order to spend a night with a Tiger and coming across a lot of shady men looking for a one night stand.  After drinking too much one night, Soo Ho takes her back to his place and they do sleep together (albeit unintentionally) but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Bo Nui wakes up the next morning.  While she is surprised, she realizes that nothing had happened the night before.  Thinking her sister is doomed, she says her goodbyes to everyone and disappears.

Low and behold, the fact that Soo Ho and Bo Nui touched while literally sleeping next to each other is the trick that has helped her sister.  Bo Nui has even stayed away from her sister’s hospital room thinking that her negative energy would kill her sister but Soo Ho helps her out by holding onto Bo Nui.

All the meanwhile, Soo Ho is jealous of Bo Nui’s relationship with Choi Gun Wook or Gary Choi (Lee Soo Hyuk), a famous tennis player who used to live next door to Bo Nui while growing up.  Gun Wook has feelings for Bo Nui but knows that he can’t really help her much because he was born in the Year of the Rooster.

Though Soo Ho is jealous of Gun Wook, he has to deal with having him around because Gun Wook is helping his company build a VR game around Gun Wook’s life and career as a tennis star.

Now that Soo Ho knows that he has feelings for Bo Nui, I’m not sure what he’ll do with that knowledge.  I’m also curious to know how Bo Nui’s feelings for Soo Ho will change as she merely viewed him as a tool to help her sister.  I imagine that the fact that Bo Nui’s sister is still part of the equation, it’ll be the thing that keeps Soo Ho by Bo Nui’s side.

The drama is cute and I am enjoying it more than I was enjoying Entertainer.  A part of me likes to see Ryu Jun Yeol as the romantic lead but another part of me wishes that his character was a bit more unique and interesting.  I also feel the same way about Hwang Jung Eum’s character as well.  They are both missing that je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from being just an acceptable character to one that I adore.


KCON NY is only a few days away and I have to admit that I cannot wait to see Eric Nam and Mamamoo’s Solar.  I love the group Mamamoo and I’m excited to be seeing them live.  However, I also love that Solar and Eric’s chemistry on We Got Married.  She’s so playful and silly that her antics always make me laugh out loud.

This week, the two take a trip to the Traditional Korean Village and they get all dressed up in hanboks to blend in with the people who work there.  When they get there, Solar tells Eric that they have to speak like they are from that era but since Eric isn’t that fluent in Korean, he has a little trouble.  The only thing he remembers is when they call out to the king in sageuk dramas so he keeps calling Solar, ‘Your Highness,’ over and over again.

The two also interact with a number of people who work there including a high-up noble.  At first, they speak to the nobleman informally and ask him to take a picture for them.  I love how the guy is like, ‘How dare you tell me to do this and that.’  But he goes ahead and takes their picture anyway.

The two also come across a beggar who begs for money.  Solar tells the guy that she only had a 5,000 won bill and he responds saying that he has change.  But before she could give him money, he’s pulled away by a guard.  They follow the two and they end up in front of the magistrate.  The beggar immediately points the finger at Eric saying that he’s at fault and the guards grab him ready to punish him.

Hilariously, Solar pulls out the camera and says that she’s gonna film everything and put it up on social media, all the while using sageuk speak.  Lol.

They relent and say they won’t punish him if they can beat them in a round of sword fighting.  Unfortunately, Eric loses but now Solar wants to play.  As the reenactor prepares Solar for the swordfight, he whispers that he’s a Mamamoo fan.

During the match, he even moves in slow motion so that Solar can win.  Since Solar is able to win the match for Eric, they let him go and as the two walk away, two of the guys start singing and dancing to Um Ah Oh Yeah.

Haha, I love the sassiness of Solar and hope the two put together a collaboration stage for KCON.


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