Just Bananas About: Week of 6/27/16

What an awesome weekend!  I’m exhausted but in a good way.  From seeing the celebrities and the performances, to the workshops and shopping at the booths.  For those who was able to make it out to KCON NY, how was your experience?

Also, I just wanted to thank all of the people who were able to make it out to the panels.  We had a blast at the Evolution of K-Pop and East Coast K-Spots.  For the latter panel, if you weren’t able to make it out to our panel, that’s totally okay.  I know that it was important to stand on line to catch a glimpse of Day 6 and Mamamoo at their fan engagement.  Not only did our panel create handouts for those who did come, we also created a map so you have it handy when you’re looking for your next K-Spot fix.

Now, onto the important stuff.  The concert!  This year, KCON brought us 2 concerts on Friday and Saturday evening.  And of course, I brought my camera to capture it all.  So a bit of a disclaimer, I bought and super zoom camera in order to capture extreme close-ups of all of your biases.  I know, I’m a giver.  But I don’t exactly have the steadiest hand when it comes to this.  So basically any movement (like breathing) causes the camera to jerk so I apologize if the videos make you a bit dizzy.

Day 1

The night started with Danny Lim from Danny from LA but the official MC’s for the concert on both nights were Ailee and BTS’ Rap Monster.

The first performers to take the stage was Seventeen.  Despite their name, there are only 13 members in the group.  The name actually comes from the fact that they appeared on 17TV prior to their debut.  However, it’s still a large group to capture in one shot and I’ll admit that I had a little difficulty fitting everyone in at times.

Seventeen – Shining Diamond

Seventeen – 예쁘다 (Pretty)

Seventeen – 만세

Crush then comes on stage to croon sweet nothings into the stadium-filled fan girls.  I dare you to try and not to swoon.

Crush – 가끔 (Occasionally)

Crush – Oasis

Crush – Hug Me

Next up was Miss MC herself, Ailee.  She started her first song “너나 잘해 (You Best Do Well/Mind Your Business)” and then suddenly the backing audio track went out.  Startled and not knowing what to do, she just kept on singing in hopes that it would come back but it never did.  I think what’s awesome is that you could actually hear Ailee’s raw voice and it was off the hook.

Ailee – 너나 잘해 (Audio Malfunction) (You Best Do Well/Mind Your Business) (Audio Malfunction)

Since she had never experienced anything like that before, I’m sure it took a bit of a toll emotionally so the audience started chanting her name in support for her.  It’s these unpredictable moments that makes the concert going experience all the more worthwhile.

She finally does come back on stage to start the number over and it goes off without a hitch.

Ailee – 너나 잘해 (Part 2) (You Best Do Well/Mind Your Business)

Ailee – 손대지마 (Don’t Touch Me)

Ailee – 보여줄께 (I’ll Show You)

After Ailee, BtoB took to the stage and I’m not sure if Yook Sung Jae was nervous but every once in awhile he would sheepishly grin to the audience and then go back to his serious face.  I would guess it was so that he wouldn’t mess up but I loved all the songs they chose to sing for KCON.

BTOB – 봄날의 기억 (Memories of Spring)

BTOB – 나 빼고 다 늑대 (Everyone’s a Wolf Except Me)

BTOB – 뛰뛰빵빵 (Vroom Vroom Honk Honk)

BTOB – 괜찮아요 (It’s Okay)

Representing the drama side, Im Shi Wan and Park Bo Young comes on stage.  I actually don’t remember what they talked about because I was too distracted by how pretty they looked.  Lol.

Seventeen returns to stage to do a few covers, such as After School’s “Bang!,” Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” and Five Fingers’ “풍선 (Balloons).”  Below is only one of those 3 covers.

Seventeen – Sorry, Sorry Cover

Then comes my fave, Dynamic Duo with “BAAAM”.  It was also amazing to see Gaeko do “될대로 되라고 해 (Rhythm is Life) (You Do It Until You Can Do It (Rhythm is Life))” from his solo album called “Redingray.”  He just seriously tears up the floors with his rhyme and flow.

Dynamic Duo – BAAAM

Dynamic Duo – 될 대로 되라고 해 (Rhythm Is Life) (You Do It Until You Can Do It (Rhythm is Life))

Then, they call out their buddy Crush for “불타는 금요일 (Friday Night) (Flaming Friday) (Friday Night)).”

Dynamic Duo – 불타는 금요일 (Friday Night) (Flaming Friday (Friday Night))

Day 2

So Day 2 brought us more treats.  I was personally not at the Mamamoo Fan Engagement myself as I had to wrap things up at my panel.  But I sent my cousin there to bring you this video.

And it was Mamamoo who started off the concert of Day 2.  Mamamoo defines cheekiness, with their humor, charm and sexiness.  Unfortunately, my seats were different from the night before so the camera angle is different.

Mamamoo – Intro

Mamamoo – 넌 is 뭔들 (You Are The Best) *The video gets super shaky around 0:55 due to a concertgoer needing to go to bathroom. 😥

Mamamoo – Mr. 애매모호 (Mr. Ambiguous)

Mamamoo – 1cm의 자존심 (1cm of Confidence)

Mamamoo – Mamamoo – 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh)

Next up, Eric Nam pops up in the stands with a bunch of red roses.  Are one of those roses meant for Solar? 😉

Eric Nam – Good For You

Eric Nam – 괜찮아 괜찮아 (It’s Okay, Okay)

At one point, he commented how he read that fans in the States loved his debut track, “우우 (Ooh Ooh),” but he didn’t bring the backing track with him or prepare backup dancers.  What does he do instead?  He just sings a few notes acapella.

Eric Nam – 우우(Ooh Ooh) (Acapella) 

He also sings his latest single which a collaboration with Kolaj, an EDM duo.

Eric Nam – Into You

Then, Day 6 takes the stage for some of their best hits.

Day 6 – 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Let Go, Let Go, Let Go)

Day 6 – Congratulations

Day 6 – Free하게 (Able To Be Free)

Since Day 6 doesn’t yet have a huge discography of music yet, they also decided to sing covers which include: CN Blue’s “외톨이야 (Loner),” Big Bang’s “거짓말 (Lie)” and Wonder Girls’ “Nobody.”  I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of their version of “Nobody” as it seemed a bit awkward but I absolutely loved “거짓말 (Lie)”.  I mean, it’s no secret that Big Bang’s songs are good so it makes complete sense that the band version would sound equally fabulous.  This time I did film all 3 covers.

Day 6 – 외톨이야 (Loner)/거짓말 (Lie)/Nobody Covers

Ailee and Eric Nam take the stage together to do a cover of So You and Jung Gi Go’s “썸 (Some).”  Okay, where is the Eric Nam and Solar collab stage?  I’m glad that even Ailee and Eric Nam mention after the performance how awkward that stage felt.  They seem to have a sister/brother type of relationship.  I suppose that song wouldn’t be appropriate for Yong Ddongee couple because it’s not about having a real relationship but there are plenty of other duets they could have done.  Still, I enjoyed the collab stage because it was hilarious watching these two try to be aegyo-tastic towards each other.

Ailee/Eric Nam – 썸 (Some)

Finally, the big act of the night was B… T… S… The Bangtan Boys literally seemed to set the stage on fire.  How do I know that?  I almost went deaf from all the screaming girls around us.  Truly deserved because they were fantastic.

BTS – 불타오르내 (Fire)

BTS – 흥탄소년단 (Fun Boys)

BTS – 쩔어 (Dope)

Each night ended with all of the artists coming out to greet the audience once more and bow.  Do you notice how Eric Nam lights up when he sees Mamamoo at the end of the night?  I also loved how at the end of the Day 2, Ailee tries to push the Yong Ddongee couple together.  They just laugh it off but it was a cute moment.


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