Just Bananas About: Week of 7/4/16

Happy 4th!  As we are drawing closer to the finale of the Show Me the Money 5, the competition is getting fierce and exciting.  I always love this part of the show because for the most part, we’ve weeded out the some of the less-skilled rappers.  I think not only do we get to hear some of the competing rappers one by one but we also get to see whether their collaboration with their producers is a plus or a minus.

I think it’s safe to say that last week was not a good week for Team Illionaire.  And perhaps Producers Dok2 and The Quiett had somewhat of a premonition about it as the stage literally started to fall around them during their interviews.

It was Flowsik that was awarded the solo stage by the producers so that left Superbee and MyunDo to do a collab stage.  As much as the song was interesting, MyunDo couldn’t really find his flow and would either mess up his rhymes or it would just come out slightly offbeat.  In the end, that is what caused Dok2 and The Quiett to decide which contestant to drop.

As for the other collab team, Reddy and C-Jamm did a decent job. I have to admit that when I saw snippets of the rehearsal I was a bit concerned because it did look boring.  However, when you watch these two on stage, you realize that they did such a good job in commanding that stage presence.  They may have looked like they weren’t doing much but they totally captured our attention.

As for Flowsik, he performed his stage number in two parts.  The first part is titled “I Just” in which Flowsik raps about his life, his family and his dreams.  It was almost written entirely in Korean which is not his forte.  However, I was really taken with the second part called “Rapstar” which just showcased the sick flow style.  Pun intended.

로우식(Flowsik) , 더 콰이엇(The Quiett) , 도끼(Dok2) – RAPSTAR (Remix)

I have to admit that I was conflicted when I watch SeoChoolGu because these were the two contestants that were up against each other.  With the assistance of Zion.T, I think SeoChoolGu was able to peel back another emotional layer with “드러머 (Drummer)”.

Zion.T , 서출구 – 드러머 (Drummer) (Feat. 올티)

Personally, I think “Rapstar” just spoke to me more.  I know I wasn’t the only as Simon D. and Gray raised their illionaires, not knowing why but knowing that they just had to.  From the first round of votes, both rappers got the same amount of votes (or as they call it on the show: performance fee amount).

However, it was the second round that pushed Flowsik out of the running in this competition.  I think that perhaps his downfall was probably that he spoke a bit too much English for “Rapstar”.  His lyrics touched me as I was watching the show but I don’t know if many of the audience members would have understood what he was saying in the live atmosphere.  Still, I’m glad that SeoChoolGu got so much farther in this competition than last year because I was so sad he booted on a technicality.

As for Team AOMG, I don’t think anyone was surprised that they decided to go with BewhY for the solo performance.  He didn’t even seem nervous and truly, he just seemed to rock the stage.  BewhY’s performance was my favorite performance from this stage because there was just no gimmicks.

While the other rappers had other singers and rappers feature with them, BewhY’s performance of “Forever” was just him and his voice.  And it just truly showed what a skilled rapper he is.

비와이(BewhY) – Forever (Prod. by GRAY)

As for Team Gil & Mad Clown, the thing I like about Gil is that he has a very retro style.  He can take a very well-known song and make it new again.  So he takes Kim Heung Gook’s classic, “호랑나비 (Swallowtail Butterfly),” and instills a fresh new twist to it.  Boi.B brings his fellows Rhythm Power members, Hangzoo and Geegooin.  Gil must have even used his connections to bring on Kim Heung Gook as a special guest.  There is no way we’d ever even see Kim Heung Gook on this type of show if it weren’t for Gil’s connection and this track.

Although the performance had a lot of energy, it just wasn’t enough to beat out BewhY’s heart-stopping number.  What made it more crushing is that Boi.B couldn’t even make it over the million dollar mark and the difference in the performance fees made the elimination harsh.

So at the end of Episode 8, it as Team YG (Zion.T & Kush) who made it through the next round with all 3 of their contestants in play and all the other teams with just one contestant to take them down.  As far as rivalries go, I wouldn’t mind seeing another match-up between BewhY and C-Jamm but wondering if they are just going to teases us with this showdown until the final round.


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